No Power But Keeping the Faith and Loving NYC

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I became a New Yorker on 9/11.  Born and bred in the south, I had new roots after witnessing the most tragic event to impact a nation.  Then I endured the Tri-State black-out and that qualified as a bonafide citizen of the city.  I have always felt rooted here.  I love NYC.  I've explored every inch of the five boroughs and look forward to finding new parts to investigate.  I also love the people of New York.  They are the most interesting people in the world and they share a love for this amazing city. It may not be the easiest place to live but we all … [Read more...]

An Organized MOMent


As a mom who works both in the office and at home, I have organization issues.  First of all, I have multiple clients and multiple projects at the same time and tend to jump from one project to another.  I write articles, have deadlines, have major projects going at the same time.  I have boxes of business cards that need to be filed with data that needs to be dumped onto spreadsheets, one of my biggest grievances. Oh, and did I mention the kids?  They rank into the equation, too.  Kids ages 7 & 8 have a lot going on and a lot to keep track of, … [Read more...]

Westchester’s New China White: No, Not Heroin, Chinese Food

China White

I get excited when we find great cuisine in Westchester, and have I got a recommendation for you:  China White.  No, I don't mean heroin, which is probably your first thought when you hear the name.  Rather  China White is a new, chic Chinese restaurant tucked away in Purchase.  I'm not sure exactly what they were thinking when they coined the name, but after tasting their spicy food, especially a HOT pepper that literally took me to another place for a few brief moments, it makes perfect sense.  They want you to get addicted, like a drug, and return … [Read more...]

A Westchester Find: The Gnarley Vine Bar in New Rochelle

Gnarley Vine

A few months ago, I wrote about the exceptional new restaurant in New Rochelle, Alvin and Friends.  It literally knocked my taste buds off and changed our perception of food in Westchester.  Since then, a slew of good restaurants have opened up in Mamaroneck, the town on the other side of where we live, as well, and we have far superior dining options locally than we ever did.  We have been waiting for the same development to occur in New Rochelle. So, last night, when my husband and I encountered a new wine bar in the area, based on the … [Read more...]

Westchester: Jacob Burns 10th Annual Westchester Jewish Film Festival

Jacob Burns Jewish Film Festival

  Last year I wrote about the ninth annual Westchester Jewish Film Festival at the Jacob Burns Film Center as a main feature on this blog.  I was new to the blogging world and was thrilled to have a forum to promote Jewish film programming in Westchester.  Now one year later, I am doing it again.  The Jacob Burns is about to kick off their 10th Festival, and the program looks incredible, once again. I am admittedly drawn to Jewish and Israeli themed art - whether it be actual art, theater, film or literature, and this festival is a superb … [Read more...]

Westchester Land’s Trust Event with Environment and Travel Writer, Alex Shoumatoff

Alex Shoumatoff

Legendary journalist, travel writer, world explorer, environmental activist — and Bedford native — Alex Shoumatoff will be the featured speaker at Westchester Land's Trust’s Leon Levy Environmental Symposium. The event happens Sunday, March 6th, at 3pm, at the Bedford Village Historical Hall.  Admission is free and will be followed by an informal reception. Mr. Shoumatoff is one of the most far-flung of environmental and travel writers.  He writes for Vanity Fair, is a former New Yorker staff writer, has authored 10 books, and his website … [Read more...]

Giveaway: $40 Gift Card to the Homemade Pizza Company (locations in NY, NJ, Washington and DC, Minneapolis)

Homemade Pizza Company

Earlier this year in Larchmont, where I live, a new pizza place called HomeMade Pizza Company opened in one of the many vacant shops in town.  Billed as fresh and wholesome, it definitely caught my eye.  On my many visits to Red Mango for frozen yogurt across the street, my kids would beg me, saying "when are we going to the new pizza store?"  Word started to get around about it and when the buzz came my way, I felt compelled to give it a whirl.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel about having to take the pizza home to bake.  I also didn't understand the … [Read more...]

Friday’s News: My Stories in the Westchester Edition of Project You

Project You

When Beth Feldman, over at Role Mommy and Project You, suggested I write an article for her Westchester Edition of Project You, I jumped at the chance.  A longtime admirer of Beth, and friend,  I wanted to be involved with her wonderful online magazine.  I opted to write not one, but two articles this month.  After seeing an amazing show called Wallenberg at the White Plains Performing Arts Center in December, I found out that the playwright happened to live a few houses down from me in Larchmont, where I live.  I sought her out and sat down with her one … [Read more...]

Westchester Event for Moms & Teens to Make the World a Better Place

Safe Driving White Plains

For residents in the tri-state area, my friend, Beth Feldman, is hosting a pretty terrific event next Wednesday, February 9th at 7pm.  The White Plains Library Foundation Presents "Allstate Readiness Series" Savvy Moms/Safe Teens: A Four-Part Program Series.  It's a workshop for teens and parents that will take place at the White Plains Public Library at 100 Martine Avenue. The first event will feature four people committed to making the world a safer place to drive. Hear first-hand about the dangers of distracted driving and get expert advice on … [Read more...]

Finally, a Play about the Roller Coaster Ride of Raising Young Kids


The White Plains Performing Arts Center (WPPAC) is hosting the New York premiere of “The Passion of the Hausfrau”. This solo comedy show will run for eight performances only from February 3-13, 2011. There are 8:00pm shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and a 2:00pm show on Sunday. The play is actually produced by my neighbor, Felicia Needleman, who I recently interviewed for a future edition of Project You. Bess Welden (actor/writer) and Nicole Chaison (writer/cartoonist) adapted the stories, drawings and characters from Chaison’s popular … [Read more...]