A Westchester Find: The Gnarley Vine Bar in New Rochelle

Gnarley Vine

Photo Soure: Yelp.com

A few months ago, I wrote about the exceptional new restaurant in New Rochelle, Alvin and Friends.  It literally knocked my taste buds off and changed our perception of food in Westchester.  Since then, a slew of good restaurants have opened up in Mamaroneck, the town on the other side of where we live, as well, and we have far superior dining options locally than we ever did.  We have been waiting for the same development to occur in New Rochelle.

So, last night, when my husband and I encountered a new wine bar in the area, based on the recommendation of a friend, called the Gnarley Vine Bar, I was beyond excited.  As soon as we walked in, I felt nostalgic for the Lower East Side and East Village.  The bar has that vibe and definitely brings a bit of NYC to Westchester.  It’s funny, I’ve passed by the bar a zillion times driving down Main Street, but the exterior did not call out to me to let me know about this terrific find.  I would suggest they do something about that, but from the looks of it, as there were plenty of people inside who also seemed to have stumbled upon it, many other Westchester residents have discovered this gem.

The wine choices are interesting, and not expensive.  The bartender was very happy to bring out samplings of whatever we wanted to try.  He even encouraged it.  The servings are also generous.  The menu has lovely cheese plates, delicious salads, tuna tartar, quesadillas, pizzas and other special dishes.  Everything is flavorful and really well presented.  We really impressed by the food and happy to spend a good part of our evening sampling different menu items.

We happened to know several people from Larchmont, but the community definitely is vibrant and diverse, many of whom you’d expect to bump into in downtown NYC.  We can’t wait to go back again, and I think I’ve discovered my new local hang-out.  It’s just not in my own town.

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