Advertising on the Culture Mom is a great way to get in touch with culture vultures and other like-minded individuals.  The Culture Mom’s reach is expanding rapidly.

The Culture Mom accepts various forms of advertising, including sidebar advertisements, text ads, in-post banners, skyscrapers, sponsored posts and tweets and conference sponsorships.



The Culture Mom accepts ads in the top of the right sidebar, as well as in-post banner ads.  Sizes can be tailored to the advertiser’s needs.  Please contact for rates for custom sizes or placements.

Payments can be made via PayPal ( Rates for other ad sizes/types are available upon request. Discounts If you purchase 3 months of ad space, the rate would lower


Sponsored Posts

If you would like to guarantee that The Culture Mom talks about your product or service, you may sponsor a post.  Sponsored posts are marked as such, and anything within the post that is not written by The Culture Mom is clearly marked.  Please contact for rates.


Other guidelines

 No refunds on ads/sponsored posts.

 I reserve the right to refuse any ad based on content of the ad, or the product or site being promoted.

 All ads/sponsored posts must reflect the values of The Culture Mom.


Review Policy

 Product reviews will only be done when a sample is provided.

 Samples will not be returned.


Please note that The Culture Mom is very selective about the content and ads that are brought onto the site.

For info on the other types of advertisements/sponsorships, please email us.