Westchester’s New China White: No, Not Heroin, Chinese Food

I get excited when we find great cuisine in Westchester, and have I got a recommendation for you:  China White.  No, I don’t mean heroin, which is probably your first thought when you hear the name.  Rather  China White is a new, chic Chinese restaurant tucked away in Purchase.  I’m not sure exactly what they were thinking when they coined the name, but after tasting their spicy food, especially a HOT pepper that literally took me to another place for a few brief moments, it makes perfect sense.  They want you to get addicted, like a drug, and return again and again.  My husband and I are Chinese food lovers, and big fans of exotic cooking.  China White definitely utilizes a lot of flavor and spice, which is a big appeal to us.

China White

Source: http://chinawhiteusa.com

China White is located at 578 Anderson Hill Road.  The ambiance is sleek and sophisticated, with pale tones and wall mountings and light fixtures that are seem to be an ode to China’s dining style.   They boast to using organic food, something most Chinese restaurants definitely don’t do.  The waiters are dressed in construction worker -type uniforms, dressed a lot like the guys in Disney’s “Imagination Movers”.   The walls are white, everything’s white, but that was one thing that didn’t quite work for me and I don’t think our waiter appreciated my comparison to a kid’s show.  But I do have to say that she was great – full of suggestions and knowledge about the food and what to order.

We started off the meal with delicious deep fried noodles with condiments, which are complimentary and definitely a spin on what you see in your typical Chinese restaurant.  The condiments come in small dishes. We decided to share everything so we could sample various items.  We tried the chicken and peanut spring rolls ($10), which were absolutely divine; barbecued spare ribs ($16); pan fried scallion pancakes ($7) and the most delightful Shanghai noodles I’ve ever had, cooked in “cool peanut sauce” and cucumber ($12).  They have other noodle options which we didn’t try: rice vermicelli ($14), chow fun ($16) and lo mein ($15).  They also offer crunchy vegetable and mango summer rolls ($10), sweet white shrimp ($14), egg drop soup ($6), hot and sour soup ($7), a crispy duck salad ($15), white salad with pears, tofu, cashew, choy and sherry vinaigrette and bao bao buns (chicken, roast pork or BBQ beef for $12).  And dumplings – shrimp, pork or crispy vegetable ($9-$12).

China WhiteFor our meal, we tried General Tso’s fish ($27), made with ginger chile-sauce which was my favorite dish.  Just watch those peppers!  Other dishes we sampled were black pepper beef ($29), tangerine beef ($32), Chef Joe’s spicy dragon chicken ($26) and Chef Joe’s spicy dragon chicken with red chiles and sugar peas ($26).  They also have wok sauteed prawns ($28), wok lobster ($39) and sesame chicken ($22).   The market fried rice with chicken, pork or shrimp ($12) is smooth and rich.  Everything has a distinct taste and flavor, and if you like Asian food, you’ll love their food.  Everything we had smelled and tasted divine.  Honestly, there were no slip-ups.

I also like the fact that there are many vegetarian options.  At the end of the meal, they provided free chai-flavored cotton candy which we all happily munched on with our tea.  They also handed us a Magic 8 Ball (instead of a fortune cookie?) which we all gladly asked questions, and squinted our eyes to read the answer in small print.  It was a nice touch, all in the vein of China and quite possibly, heroin.

I have to give my friend who found China White a round of applause.  A bonafied foodie, she always leads us right to good food in Westchester.  She led us to Alvin and Friends and now here.  Everyone in our group of six enjoyed this unique culinary experience and I have a feeling it will be a repeat for all of us.

Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this review in any way and all opinions expressed are my own.


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