Defending GoldieBlox and LEGO Loving Girls


My daughter and I just watched the new ad for GoldieBlox toys (click above to watch) together and I asked her to tell me what she thought it was trying to say at the end. Her response, direct from her mouth: "Girls want more than pink toys.  Girls can do anything they want when they grow up. Oh, and we have a brain!" Amen! What better message is there out in the world for my 10 year old daughter than this? As a staunch feminist, I try my best to encourage her to do and be anything in the world that she wants, but right out of my womb she wore pink Read More


Cool Rainbow Loom Tips


I love the Rainbow Loom.  It's artistic, creative, stimulating, thoughtful, time-consuming (in a good way), educational and, most of all, fun.  My kids can spend hours upon hours making different designs and they're often at their most focused.  When they first got their kits, they read instructions and made simple pattens but over time they've started to watch instructional videos and are now coming up with the most amazing concoctions.  My husband and I proudly wear our bracelets to work everyday and we both get questioned constantly by our colleagues Read More


How to Find Out the Best Toys for Christmas? Head to Time to Play

Moshi Monsters

This past week, I stopped by the Time To Play showcase to see what was new for the holiday season this year. There was so much to look at and quite a lot stood out.  Here were some of my favorite products: 1. Moshi Monsters - My children are mad about the Moshi Monsters online games and I was pleased to see that the brand is making a big push to bring them offline, as well.  They are making a push for Moshi Monsters in offline toys and play with plush figures, collectible Moshling figurines, TV programming, and a magazine.  They understand that kids Read More


Product Review: Ridemakerz for Car-Serious Kids


This past Saturday I dragged my husband and kids into the city bright and early, not an easy feat in my house.  For one thing, my hubby is english and he likes to call home on Saturday mornings.  For another, my family just aren't morning people, none of us really are.  On the weekends, we all like time to CHILL OUT.  But I was invited to what I thought was going to be quite a special event hosted by Disney and I was quite demanding that we get up and out. And indeed it was worth the early trip in.  It was a an event hosted by the folks behind the new Read More


Product Review: Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides in Lego Form


Every once in a while, a new toy line comes out that captures the fantasy, action and adventure of a movie that our kids love. Kids love Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Blackbeard from the new film that released last month, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tide , and now Lego has made a set of models based around them. Their new Pirates set includes 3 minifigures: Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard and Barbossa with wooden leg.  It features the Fountain of Youth with skeleton figure, waterfall and translucent elements.  There are 125 pieces and the Read More


Review: Squinkies Nintendo DS Game


When my daughter found out that Squinkies is now available for the Nintendo DS, she was really excited.  For one thing, she was excited to play the game. For another, the game includes four ultra-rare, lovable Squinkies exclusively available only through purchase of the video game.  She was really happy to add more creatures to her growing collection. In the game, players become the Squinkies Princess searching for all of her friends in The Land of the Squinkies. As the player completes various mini-games and solves dynamic puzzles, more Squinkies are Read More


Eco-Friendly Finds for Kids

Planet Home Jeffrey Hollander

Recently, I've come across some extremely ec0-friendly and green finds for my own children, so I am compiling a list of my top 5 here: Last month at Toy Fair I came across a lovely collection of pillows and charms called Poofin.  Two moms created the brand as a way for kids to collect the things they care about most.  First, there's the Poofin Star, a plush, soft star-shaped pillow.  It has a hole for kids to stuff charms, also soft, which have pictures of their favorite things - butterflies, ice-cream, soccer balls and puppies - into.  When they want Read More


Entering the World of Gloomvania


  When I was at Toy Fair a few weeks ago, there were a few toys in particular that caught my eye. One was a new line called Vamplets. I'm a True Blood fan, and I've read a few books in the Twilight series, but I wouldn't say I LOVE vampires.  I think they're intriguing, though, and they definitely have different stories to tell than your average Joe.  That' s the appeal to these characters - their history, relationships, peculiar needs (darkness versus light, drinking blood, sleeping in coffin, living for hundreds of years). Vamplets are Read More


Advocacy: Build-a-Bear and St. Jude’s Hospital Team Up


It was a no-brainer.  When I serendipitously got the invite to the Build-a-Bear /St. Judes event featuring Marlo Thomas and Maxine Clark, even though it was on a ridiculously  busy day of the week for me with work and the kids, I knew I had to go.   The occasion was for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital's launch of its  Cause for Celebration program.  Even though I could have found someone to pick up my son at school as Mondays are his short day where he's in kindergarten for a total of 3 hours, I decided immediately that he had to come with me Read More


Toy Fair 2011 and a Giveaway: Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy Ohh La La! Doll

Madame Alexander

Two weeks ago, I spent a day at Toy Fair 2011, checking out the industry’s newest creations and hottest products.  It’s a four-day event, filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of toy manufacturers and vendors from around the world.  It’s such a big show that it’s hard to digest.  One day is not quite enough to see it all.  Designated as a blogger with a press pass, I was able to have private viewings of some of the toy lines and I also met dozens of marketers.  There was so much to look at, so many new toys to try and oggle at.  It was Read More