Girls HBO: Questionable Goods


About two weeks ago, I came home to find a large box on my doorstep. It was right around the holidays but was still a bit of a mystery of whom it was from. When I opened it, this is what I found. Okay, pretty amazing.  I was actually expecting something to arrive from the TV show, GiRLS, on HBO, after an unexpected tweet from their handle a few weeks prior via direct message, but I wasn't sure what would come. First came the letter, which called me the voice of "A" generation.  I liked the wording. I'm not at all the age bracket of the girls on the … [Read more...]

On Being That Girl Again (and Why Moms Should Take Solo Trips)


If you read my blog, you know that I recently left my family for nearly two weeks to head to China and Vietnam. While I was traveling, I posted on Facebook on occasion, and very often on Instagram.  I truly thought of my time in Asia as time to regroup and decided I would benefit from a break from real life and that included social media. I also didn't carry my computer nor did I have Wifi access everywhere I went. I have never been in such a visually stunning place in my life, so photography became my best friend and I filled my Instagram stream … [Read more...]

Giveaway: $50 American Express Gift Card for a Night at the Movies

Hyde Park

Any movie starring Bill Murray and Laura Linney has GREAT written all over it. I'm looking forward to seeing Hyde Park On Hudson.  That's why I'm thrilled to be giving away a night for one reader to see it and have a night at the movies. Together they;re starring in a historical tale that uniquely explores the all-too-human side of one of history’s iconic leaders, FDR. Blending literate wit and drama, Hyde Park on Hudson is directed by Roger Michell from a screenplay by Richard Nelson. In June 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (played by … [Read more...]

Join My Effort to Get More Organized with Ringya


Imagine yourself in one of these situations: *You’re on the train on the way home from work and the train breaks down. You need to contact a parent to pick up your child from school or an activity. *You have a conference call and are running late. You need to contact the participants but are short on time. *Soccer practice is delayed due to rain. You need to contact all the parents so they don’t show up. I don't know about you but I'm drowning in information.  Lists, lists and more lists.  Classroom lists, sports team lists, business … [Read more...]

How She Does It by Britt Reints

britt reints bio headshot

This is the ninth entry in “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” a series of guest posts about the working mom/stay-at-home dilemma.  It’s written by Britt Reints from a wonderful blog called In Pursuit of Happiness.  Britt is also a freelance writer  who writes about traveling around the country with her family in an RV.  I met Britt last summer at BlogHer and it was one of those IRL connections that I cherish. When Holly first emailed me and asked if I wanted to participate in this series, my first thought was that I was woefully unqualified to discuss … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Hanukkah Fever! Mama Doni Concert Tickets

chanukah fever

Mama Doni and The Mama Doni Band are coming home for the holidays, highlighting the Chanukah season with four special “Chanukah Fever” shows in the NYC tri-state region from December 11 – 18.  New York families can join in Mama Doni’s high-energy pre-Chanukah festivities at concerts in Manhattan and West Nyack . There will also be shows in West Hartford, CT and Hoboken, NJ.  Performance details are as follows: CHANUKAH FEVER! WITH MAMA DONI & THE MAMA DONI BAND WHERE:          JCC Rockland, 450 West Nyack Rd., West Nyack, NY … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Suggestion: StinkyKids, Dolls with Purpose


Today my daughter and I attended a very special event at the Madame Alexander Doll Company in Harlem.  I was a HUGE doll fan when I was a child and knew I'd be in element.  I stopped by the Madame Alexander booth at Toy Fair earlier this year and knew about the quality of dolls that they produce.  I was told the event was to promote a new line called the StinkyKids, and I had a feeling that this would be an event for both my daughter and I. So, you can only imagine my delight when we walked into a mini showroom, with thousands of dolls from their … [Read more...]

Moms vs. Dads: Rule the House Twitter Party

Rule the House Twitter Party

When Holly Pavlika asked me to join her and the Mom-entum community to participate in a twitter party, I jumped at the chance.  First of all, I'd follow Holly anywhere.  She's a social media diva.  For another thing, it's called the #MomsRule vs #DadsRule Twitter Party to #RuletheHouse.  How could I resist this opportunity?  Lastly, I was honored to be asked to join to talk about a subject I care deeply about - the difference between the sexes. You may not know this about me, but I am a big feminist.  The funny thing is that I've been married 10 … [Read more...]

LOL with “Bridesmaids” – Literally


There is a scene in Bridesmaids that is undeniably hilarious: The setting is an engagement party where Annie, the maid of honor for her longtime friend Lillian, has been asked to make a speech. Annie (played by Kristen Wiig, who co-wrote the script) takes to the stage, glass of champagne in hand, and makes a short toast. But then another bridesmaid grabs the microphone and delivers a moving monologue filled with funny anecdotes and Thai proverbs. The evening rapidly goes down the tube, with each woman famously trying to outdo the other in sentiment … [Read more...]

Introducing MamaDrama NY and Motherhood Out Loud


If you read this blog regularly, you know I love theater.  When I lived in NYC, I literally went to see shows a few days a week. Theater is in my blood and my soul, only I have never worked in it. That's why I am part of the team behind a new company called MamaDrama NY.  We are bringing the best of theater and the moms blogosphere together.   It's a collection of the best Mom-focused websites in the blogosphere giving you the real deal on the best shows for discriminating, theatre-loving parents, like me and like you.  And don't let the name fool … [Read more...]