A Family Stay at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester, England

Lowry Hotel

If you're planning to visit Manchester, England and are looking for a place to stay with the kids, the Lowry Hotel is a great choice. Located on the banks of the River Irwell, in the center of town, right near the commercial shopping district and load of things to do, this five-star hotel has 165 bedrooms, six suites and is as child-friendly as a hotel can get. Named after a famous Mancunian artist, DS Lowry, the hotel is part of the world's exclusive Rocco Forte Hotels and is both modern and elegant.  The inside is filled with interesting artwork, Read More


Where I’ve Been Lately and Why I Travel with Kids


I haven't been publishing many posts lately, if you haven't noticed.  The reason being that I was away on holiday in Europe for nearly three weeks.  We spent a few days with my sister-in-law and her family in London; we had my father-in-law's unveiling in Manchester; and we had my nephew's Bar Mitzvah all weekend, also in Manchester.  However, we did manage to squeeze in extra time in London and a week in France, and I'll be writing a lot about our trip, particularly to Paris, in the coming week.   It was really hard to blog while traveling, as much as I Read More


Royal Wedding Coverage: Where to Eat and Stay with Kids in London

London Food

The article below was originally posted on TravelingMom.com.  I am re-posting it here for people about to embark on the city for the Royal Wedding.  If you have kids, you’ll be interested in some things we learned last summer. In addition to the article, I want to elaborate on where to eat and stay.  I spent a year living in London after college, and we go as a family every year, so I have traveled both on a budget and as a family in the grand city rather.  While I will admit that eating in London can be quite expensive, it doesn’t have to Read More


Royal Wedding Coverage: Visiting London with Kids

Changing of the Guard

This article was originally printed on TravelingMom.com.  I am reprinting to assist families getting ready to embark on the town during the Royal Wedding.  If you are traveling with kids, you might find this information useful, especially since it is only one year old.   I spent a week in the grand city with my kids last summer, and here is what I wrote:   London has so much to offer kids.  The trick is actually choosing what to do and where to go, particularly when you’re there for a specified amount of time. On our recent Read More


Visiting London During the Royal Wedding

London Tube Map

In salute to the Royal Wedding about to occur in the UK, I am repeating an article that originally ran on TravelingMom.com called "10 ways to See London on the Cheap". If you are one of the lucky ones about to embark on the city for this once-in-a-lifetime event, you are going during a high tourist time so you'll need some tips from someone in the know.  We hit London every year, visiting family and friends, and I once lived in the wonderful town.  In addition, my mother-in-law is a royal family enthusiast, so if you have any questions about either Read More


Mom or Girlfriend Getaway: Bike Across Scotland

Scotland Bridge

Looking to getaway without the kids for a week this summer?  All moms need a break, and taking a week off is the best way to rejuvenate your spirit and soul.  While it's great to travel with the kids, a week away on your own won't hurt anyone.  With the proper childcare in place, all worries can be alleviated in your absence.    With nothing to worry about, why not have an adventure on your own?  Here at the Culture Mom, we're all about finding your spirit and running with it.  Go with a friend, go on your own.  Feel no guilt.  There's nothing wrong with Read More


When the Cat’s Away

(This is an original New York City Moms blog posted on March 15th, 2010.) You know the expression “when the cat’s away, the mice will play?”  Well, in my house this week, it’s been the reverse, as the mice are killing each other.  My husband has just taken a new job and had a week between the old and the new.  We decided it was a good time for him to spend some quality with his family in England.  The children did not want to go for such a long time, and I thought, how bad could it be watching the two critters for a week?  For the most part, I Read More


Traveling Mom: Our recent visit to London

We recently spent some time in London.  While I did have Internet access in the room, I didn't have my laptop with me, and there was never enough time to blog.  It was difficult to not blog for several weeks while we were away. We go to the UK every year to visit family and friends.  We rarely ever have time to do anything touristy, and I have often longed to venture into the West End or Chelsea to do some sight-seeing.  This time, instead of running around between family and friends, I opted for a few real days out in the city.  I decided that I Read More


Traveling Mom: Family Friendly Manchester

We have been visiting Manchester, England on an annual basis since before we were married since it is my husband's hometown, and where much of his family still resides.   Manchester is a few hours from London, in the northern bit of the country. You might remember the song from the legendary film “Hair” about Manchester.  The character, Claude, is from “dirty, mucky, polluted Flushing” (Flushing is in Queens, in case you don't know) but wishes he was from Manchester, England and sings: Oh Manchester England, England…Across the Atlantic Read More


Dealing with Volcanos & Travel Insurance

According to blogofasaneperson, the last time the volcano erupted in the 1800s, it was active for 14 months.  Today air travel could be disrupted for a lot longer, in which case we will all be left in limbo whenever we plan to go abroad.  We’ll all be wondering if everything will go according to plan.  And when you are traveling with kids, you have to plan, plan, plan. To read the entire post, please go here. Read More