Kid Culture: Gazillion Bubble Show

You know it's a good sign when during a show, your child turns to you and says, "I don't want this to ever end." That's what my daughter said to me during the Gazillion Bubble Show, which we ventured into the city to see this afternoon as a spring break treat.  I had heard about this off-Broadway show for a long time but didn't know what to expect.  The theater is over at the New World Theater on 50th Street and 8th Avenue.  The show's host is Guinness World Record Holders Fan, Ana Yang.  She explains in broken, but very Read More


Kid Culture: Matzo Pizza

My mother-in-law makes the yummiest matzo pizza in the world.  My kids love this recipe and it's fun to make.  I'm making it later today and will post pictures.Ingredients: 1 medium onion chopped4 oz. cheese5 pieces of matzo1/4 lb. mushroomssugar, salt, pepper, oil2 eggsjar or tomato saucelemon juice (optional)How to make it:-Soak matzo in cold water for a few seconds and drain in between paper towels.-Fry onion until golden.-Add chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce, lemon juice, seasoning and cook gently until mixture thick - take from heat and Read More


Great get-a-ways without kids

Every now and then, we get the rare opportunity to go away for one night sans enfants. It's a rare occasion. I have friends who get to go away for a week at a time. We are not this lucky as everyone who has mothers and fathers living in proximity to them. But we have had a few chances to get away on our own in the past year. I love traveling with the kids but I also love quality time just for us. Last summer we dropped the kids off in Philadelphia with my sister and her husband and ran to Atlantic City. We booked a room in the Chelsea Hotel and had no Read More


Kid Culture: The Museum of Moving Images

I'm a movie bufff. I've always been. My mother was the type of mom who dragged us to a Gene Kelly double feature with "Singin in the Rain" and "On the Town." A film minor in college, I've always been obsessed with film, old and new. I want some of this obsession to rub off on my kids.  After having visited the museum two years ago, I already knew what to expect but had never been with kids in mind.So today, on day #1 of spring break, we ventured to the Museum of Moving Images (35th Avenue at 36th Street) in Astoria. I've been a big fan of Read More


Kid Culture Vacation Project Idea: Chocolate Matzah

Chocolate matzah is a family favorite in our house during Passover, and it's easy enough to make together.  It's something I plan to do this week while the children are home from school and I thought I'd share the recipe.Ingredients:Egg MatzahSemi-sweet Baker's ChocolateWilton Candy decorator pens (from Michael's)Tools:-Double boiler-Various spatulas-Small glass bowls-Wax paperRecipe: -Put decorator pens in bowl and cover with hot water to soften them.-Melt chocolate in double boiler -- watch carefully and remove as soon as it's soft.-Cover table Read More


Culture Mom Night Out: When the Rain Stops Falling

The Lincoln Center's When the Rain Stops Falling is a new play by playwright Andrew Bovell.  It's a dark drama that shifts between several time periods."  It revolves around a set of characters at different points in their lives, from 1959 to 2039, from London to Australia.  I thought this was one of the most unusual and profound plays that I've seen in a long time.The play requires a lot of keeping track as the characters go in and out of each other's lives and there's a bit of time traveling, but it's worth it.  It's about a Gabriel Read More


Culture Mom Night Out: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I love movies that keep me gasping for air.  The new Swedish version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is one of those films.   The film is based on the international best seller by the late Swedish author Stieg Larsson.The plot involves a journalist who joins forces with a damaged young woman to research the disappearance of a tycoon's favorite niece. It's a brilliant adaptation with a sensational performance by Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander.I wasn't sure what I thought of Lisbeth at the movie's start, but by the end of the film, Read More


New York City Moms: Making New Friends, Keeping Old Ones

“Make new friends but keep the old;  one is silver and the other gold.” If you don’t recognize this song, you probably weren’t a girl scout or Brownie growing up. I often grapple with the fact that some friendships don’t last forever.  There are people from the past who I often yearn for but no longer speak to.  I wish I could pick the phone up and call them, but so much time has elapsed, and so many years have gone by, that it’s now impossible. A study taken last year at the Universite du Quebec at Montreal, Harvard University and Read More


The top 5 ways to have a stress-free play date

Play dates are hit or miss.  They are great ways for my kids to interact with peers, learn socialization skills and practice good sharing skills, but a lot of the success depends on how I manage all the kid's time together.Here are five tips that I use when I have play dates to avoid mayhem, which often does ensue regardless of my efforts:1. Try to limit the number of guests to one.  For some reason, in my house, three is a tough number.  There is always one odd man out.  When my daughter has two friends over, she inevitably breaks Read More


Culture Mom Great Giveaways

If you love New York City as much as I do and feel that it's important to experience its culture and offerings as much as I do, then Culture Mom has some great contests for you to enter.  Enter one, two, three or all four.  The more times you enter, the more of a chance you have to win.  The Jewish Museum's Curious George Exhibit - 2 Tickets to enter museum anytime before, used before August 16thDeadline: Winners will be chosen on Friday, March 26th, at 12pm.New York City Opera "T'Etiole" Family Performance- 2 Tickets - April 3rd  Read More