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something new

A few weeks ago I wrote about my need to rebrand, to venture into a new space. I struggled with the name, with my new identity, for at least a year. I wanted my new blog to focus on my key interests and who I am. I asked for assistance right here, and several of you gave me your opinion and I appreciated it.

After much thinking – too much – I started thinking about my favorite films, TV shows and plays, hoping something would trigger a name.

And it did. My favorite play is called The Heidi Chronicles by my favorite playwright, Wendy Wasserstein. The play followed Heidi Holland from high school in the 1960s to her successful career. It involved her ardent feminism, intense friendships and betrayal, but primarily about how women’s roles evolved during this time of flux. I started thinking about it, remembering when I first watched it on PBS many years ago and fell in love with the story, and it dawned on me: THE HOLLY CHRONICLES. Why not? With a name like that, I can write about what I’m most interested in and veer my content toward what suits me.

the holly chronciles


It’s a work in progress and I will keep The Culture Mom alive, so don’t go away completely but do follow me there as the content will vary and focus more on who I am…. before, during and after I became a mom.





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  1. I LOVE the name The Holly Chronicles. It is PERFECT for you. Good job! SO excited for you in you rebranding/reinvention path!!

  2. I love that idea. It’s exactly why my blog is called . . . Nina Badzin’s Blog. Can’t get more noncommittal to topics than that. 😉

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