Join My Effort to Get More Organized with Ringya

Imagine yourself in one of these situations:

*You’re on the train on the way home from work and the train breaks down. You need to contact a parent to pick up your child from school or an activity.

*You have a conference call and are running late. You need to contact the participants but are short on time.

*Soccer practice is delayed due to rain. You need to contact all the parents so they don’t show up.

I don’t know about you but I’m drowning in information.  Lists, lists and more lists.  Classroom lists, sports team lists, business contact lists, book club lists and more!  Every time I come home from a meeting or conference, I bring home lists, emails and important information to manage.  I’ve been conducting a tireless search for a solution to put an end to all this paper for the past few years, and I may have lucked into a tool that will help me.  It’s called Ringya, a new FREE mobile app that easily transforms paper contact lists into smart mobile lists by sharing a photo.  Ringya puts entire contact lists at your fingertips so you can easily call, text or email individuals or groups of contacts that you wouldn’t have added one-at-a-time to your address book. It can save you time and stress from scrambling to find a contact list within email archives because your work, class, or team contacts are right at your fingertips. You can also share electronic lists by uploading digital contact lists to rings@ringya.com, or get contact lists instantly onto your phone by simply accepting an invitation to a list (“Ring”) created by someone else.  And the beauty of all this?  It’s really, really easy to manipulate – take that from someone who’s not as tech savvy as I’d like to believe I am.  I truly believe that Ringya is about to whip my disorganized existence into shape!


Here’s how it works.

Download Ringya into your iPhone and register (basically just enter your cell phone number which will serve as your Ringya ID and your email address which will enable you to communicate via email).  Then you will get a verification code via text which you will next enter.


Then you are ready to enter a list by tapping the Ringya logo and snapping a photo of a paper list or email a digital list to rings@ringya.com. You can also enter existing contacts manually (but that does take longer). Ringya will notify you when it’s done and in your phone.


I downloaded my class lists, sports teams, book club list and a cast list of a show I’m working on, creating “Rings” (these are not my Rings above, but this is what it looks like when you have them all in your phone).  Now I can email or text individuals or everyone at once.  You can also share the list with other Ring members so that they can access it.


When uploading class and team lists,Ringya matches up the contact information of the parent and child and labels that connection.  Contextual caller ID shows who’s calling you and how they fit into your world (eg. Sally Jones, PR Representative, Max Sales Team) (eg. John Smith, Jane Smith’s Father, Oak View 2nd Grade).


Want to join my effort to get more organized?  Download Ringya today and let’s discuss your results in the comments below.  To find out more about Ringya visit their website at  www.ringya.com and follow @RingyaMobile on Twitter or Facebook.

Disclosure: I have partnered up with the team at Ringya to get the word out about their new tool and am honored to be a member of this viral team.

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