10 Memorable Quotes from Women in the World 2014

Women in the World

I was lucky to attend the 5th annual Women in the World summit once again. Words can’t quite capture the experience of having an entire event wrapped around the narrative on issues affecting women from Washington to Rwanda, celebrating the success of the women’s movement which has come so far even in the past year alone. The event took place at Lincoln Center in NYC over the period of 2-1/2 days and was hosted by Tina Brown who kicked everything off with the mantra “Don’t cry, strategize.” Her boundless energy to get stories told from women around the world is truly admirable and in Sarah Silverman’s words, “undeniable”.

There were simply too many highlights to mention so I thought I’d give a wrap up of my favorite tweets. These defined great moments of both reality and encouragement on the state of women’s affairs around the world:

“Women are the world’s most untapped resource”  via @HillaryClinton  #WITW14

Jon Stewart: “The speed of change in the middle east is a true testament to the voices of women.” #WITW14

“My father told me rocks would fall on me, but my words could get me out.” Senna of @girlrising on the life-giving power of #poetry. #WITW14

“We won’t solve poverty, address inequality, end #violenceagainstwomen, if we don’t empower women economically.” – @phumzileunwomen #WITW14

South African shop owner Bessie Mogale on sending her sons to college: “They were the first in the family. I graduated after them.” #WITW14

Gave birth alone, cut her baby’s cord with a rusty knife and had to give birth silently to avoid discovery. @emukeshimana #Rwanda #WITW14

“People say he’s a young man and responsible for his own decisions. But it doesn’t stop the pain…” #VickyIbrahim #WITW14 #breakthesilence

“I don’t want my child to go to school with hatred and violence against LGBT people cited” @pussyriot #WITW14 #HumanRights

When Eleanor Roosevelt was asked to go to the UN, she said “for the 1st time in my life, I can say what i want” #WITW14 (then she asked reporters to take it off record)

I see a great number of talented, intelligent people all around me & I’m convinced they could do this better -Nadya of Pussy Riot #WITW14

“I have 7 granddaughters and I’m sure one of them will be President” via President Jimmy Carter #WITW14

.@PrincessSarahZR: If I can give voice to women & 5 million babies who lost lives, I will. I had access to quality care & that’s key #WITW14

There are 80M Dalit women, 25% have been raped at one point, no one is punished @CynthiaMcFadden discusses invisible #India at #WITW14

Ann Richards wouldn’t believe that we’re still talking about equal pay, abortion and birth control via @CecileRichards #witw14

“Women think they need to have a PhD to talk about trade policy. Men think they just have to drive a Honda.” Senator Susan Collins #WITW14

“You don’t want to get something because of fairness. Be Undeniable!” @SarahKSilverman #WITW14

According to @rabbisusan there are 150-200 million orphans in the world-60% of unparented girls end up in the sex trade #WITW14.

@DVF says, “That little dress (the wrap dress) made me independent.” #WITW14

#PussyRiot: “Don’t be indifferent…. Pay attention to coincidences. Sometimes your destiny is calling you.” #WITW14

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  1. Sounds like an incredible experience. Thank you for sharing some of the highlights.

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