Orange is the New Black Returns to Netflix (w/ Spoilers!)

orange is the new black marquis

Don't hate me. I know you love Orange is the New Black as much as I do. Not only am I about to tell you that I've seen the first episode of season two of the series, set to premiere on Netflix on June 6th, but I also got invited to the NYC premiere party at the Ziegfeld Theater! Okay, now you really hate me. What can I tell you about the evening? It was surreal - from watching the actors walk down the red carpet to viewing my favorite show in a room full of passionate OITNB watchers to attending the party where I saw my favorite characters standing in Read More


Review: “Prepare Ye” for Godspell on Broadway

Godspell on Broadway

I think that I was actually one of those children who was raised without ever seeing an original production of Godspell.  I have heard about the show my whole life and had a heightened curiousity about the classic tale.  So when I was given the opportunity to review the show with my family, I jumped at the opportunity.  For one thing, we always love a Broadway show in this family. For another, we're Jewish and I am always eager to teach my children about Christianity. Godspell is irreverent without being either sacrilegious or blasphemous. It is Read More