Giveaway: Tickets to Field Station: Dinosaurs in Secaucus, New Jersey

Last weekend we ventured to New Jersey to witness the robotic dinosaurs at Field Station: Dinosaurs.  Today I have a pair of tickets to offer a lucky winner (valued at $20 each) if you  comment below, to be entered in the giveaway, and let me know your child’s favorite book or film about dinosaurs.

You can get additional entries by doing one of or more of the following:

This giveaway will end on Friday, June 15th. Winner will be posted here as well and will have 24 hours to accept the prize or will go to the runner-up.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Field Station Dinosaurs in conjunction with MamaDrama.

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  1. my grandsons love dinosaurs and their favorite movie is Ice Age. I would love to take them to Field Station.

  2. My son is 17 months old and he loves when I read him dinosaur pet he laughs at all the pictures of dinosaurs and loves anything dinosaurs already whether it be clothes books and his favorite show is even dinosaur train on PBS Kids

  3. Dinosaur Poop is a favorite book in our household! Followed on Facebook and Twitter.

  4. lourdes pagan says:

    I follow Field Station Dinosaurs on twitter and Facebook. My granddaughter is a toddler and has already seen the movie Jurrasic Park.

  5. My son turned 6 recently. From age 4 he began recognizing different dinosaurs, was an avid spectator of Dino Dan, did not miss an episode and has seen them repeatedly. He has a great sense of humor and spots dinosaurs everywhere, in the clouds — all the different species of dino’s. He has a dinosaur lunch box, juice cup, shirts….dino’s rule! He has also watched Dino Train but tends to be more interested in habitat and how dinosaurs evolved, the era’s in which they existed, extinction, animals today which stem from dinosaurs, such as reptiles, turtles. He knows the feeding habits of dinosaurs, why they are structured the way they are, why they move the way the do – all adapting to the environment in which they existed. This give-away will most certainly be richly appreciated by an extremely fascinated boy, who applies his knowledge about dinosaurs to human and current animal existence and conservation.

  6. My five year old son can name all the dinosaurs. His favorite book is the national geographic big book of dinosaurs.

  7. Andrea Kominski says:

    My five & seven year old daughters’ favorite dinosaur book is called Dinosaur Days. We would love to see the real deal (well almost real).

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