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The Big Meal

"Somewhere in America, in a typical suburban restaurant on a typical night, Sam and Nicole meet. And sparks fly, setting in motion an expansive tale that traverses five generations of a modern family, from first kiss to final goodbye. A stunning, big-hearted play that spans nearly eighty years in a single sitting, The Big Meal tells the extraordinary story of an ordinary family. "#1 Play of 2011." --Time Out Chicago.  This is the description I read before encountering THE BIG MEAL, a new show at Playwrights Horizons by Dan LeFranc and directed by … [Read more...]

Review: Assistance at Playwrights Horizons


Do you ever have flashbacks of particular experiences that weren't particularly pleasant but supposedly paved your future and helped you become who you are?  I did when I saw the film Swimming with Sharks with Kevin Spacey, for example. Who hasn't had vivid dreams of tying up their boss after one snide remark too many? Like everyone else, once upon a time, I was an assistant to someone in a high power position. While I respected my boss, I was subjected, sometimes inadvertently, to countless humiliations daily. Looking back, I realize I did learn a … [Read more...]

Theater obsessed – My NYC Fall Broadway and Off-Broadway Season


One of the reasons I  moved to NYC many years ago was simply one word: THEATER.  I get a rush after a good show.  I thrive on good play writing, good acting, quality sets and direction.  I have memberships to many theaters in NYC so that I don't miss out.  It's a big of an addiction, but a healthy one.  There is nothing like a buzz I get after seeing a good performance.  I'm very crafty - I don't ever pay full-price for a play.  Read after each entry about how I manage to see a play on a budget, mainly through memberships. I just looked at my … [Read more...]