SV Moms Group and BitDefender Blogging Event


A few weeks ago, I attended the SV Moms Group and BitDefender Brand Blogger Meet-Up in New York City.  It was a wonderful event that took place at the Tribeca Cinemas. 20 sponsoring companies joined us for the day and we had a discussion about how blog and brands are working together.  I'm in the picture on the right with two of my favorite bloggers, Role Mommy and Stage_Mama.  You can read more about the event here (where this picture is also posted).  It was a fantastic day.  I got to hang out with some of my favorite blogging friends and make … [Read more...]

New York City Moms: Through the Eyes of My Children

This week as the State of Israel is celebrating its birthday, I’m thinking back to a particular Sunday morning so many years ago.  I was fifteen years old and in my last year of Sunday School.  A representative from a program called High School in Israel came to tell us about a unique program in which one could go live in Israel and study for two months with full credit.  I was instantly enchanted.  While I was not raised in a family that was particularly religious, I had always felt a kinship with my roots and wanted to … [Read more...]

New York City Moms: They Had Me at “Hello”

I’ll never forget the moment my daughter was born.  We had been convinced she was a boy all throughout the pregnancy.  All the old wives’ tales pointed in the direction of a boy: the way my belly was shaped, my sour food cravings and the key test.  A stranger in Manhattan even stopped me in my tracks on the way home from work one day, yelling, “It’s a boy!”  We were so convinced it was a girl that we only picked out boy’s names.   It wasn’t until the day before I was induced, while sitting in the … [Read more...]

New York City Moms: To Hold Back or Not to Hold Back, That is the Question

It was exactly a year ago that our dilemma started.  We were in a quandary over whether or not to move our son forward to kindergarten in the public schools.  I went ahead and filled out the public school application, not sure of the path we would take.Based on our son’s birthday, social development and overall readiness, we strongly believed he would be better off waiting a year.  The problem was that no one could give us a definitive answer on what to do.  As far as other schools were concerned, our choices were … [Read more...]

New York City Moms: Making New Friends, Keeping Old Ones

“Make new friends but keep the old;  one is silver and the other gold.” If you don’t recognize this song, you probably weren’t a girl scout or Brownie growing up. I often grapple with the fact that some friendships don’t last forever.  There are people from the past who I often yearn for but no longer speak to.  I wish I could pick the phone up and call them, but so much time has elapsed, and so many years have gone by, that it’s now impossible. A study taken last year at the Universite du Quebec at Montreal, Harvard … [Read more...]

New York City Moms: Too Much on the Brain

This week on New York City Moms, I wrote a piece called "Too Much on the Brain" - here's a teaser:Today I had one of those days where the world seemed to be falling down on me. I have had a doctor’s appointment scheduled since the end of January for my son.  My daughter didn’t have school, so I had to make preparations to get her taken care of for the whole afternoon.  I dropped her off with a friend who was graciously planning to take her to Central Park.  She set off happily and I got in the car to head to White Plains to … [Read more...]

New York City Moms Blog

Starting next Wednesday, I'm becoming a regular contributor to the New York City Mom's Blog. Check out my bio at  The New York City Mom's Blog is a collaborative group of women living or working in (or near like me) New York City.  All the writers share common experiences - whether it's dragging the stroller down the steps of the subway, picking up food off the floor or juggling motherhood and work.  This blog is an outlet to share our tales.  Look for my first blog next … [Read more...]