A Reunion of Holocaust Survivors from the Lodz Ghetto

Salomea Kape

A few weeks ago, I had an extraordinary experience that I feel I have neglected to tell. I have been hesitant to tell this story for a few reasons. For one thing, I haven't been sure of the outlet in which to feature it. I have wondered if the Culture Mom is the right venue for a story of such an important, historical nature. I often write about plays I see, trips I see, my children. Is this the right forum for such a story? Well, to answer that question, this blog is anything that I want it to be, so I have to say it is. For another thing, I didn't Read More


Becoming a Baleboste with the Help of a Cookbook

Recipes Remembered

ba.le.bost.te (pronounced (bahluhbuhstuh): a capable efficient housewife, especially a traditional Jewish one, devoted to maintaining a well-run home. I wouldn't say I that I am particularly a baleboste, but I try. I'm always looking for books to teach me how to be more domesticated and a better cook without intimidating me and making me feel like I can't cook. When it comes to Jewish recipes, I do okay, but I do follow recipes very, very carefully, to try to capture the right flavors and bring a a bit of history and culture into my home. Tonight Read More