How to Be A Mother of All Seasons

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  Many years ago, approximately 20, my grandparents were killed in an accident. It was one of the worst moments of my life when I got the news. It was late at night. I was visiting home during my last year of University. I was in a room in the back of the house I grew up in when I heard the scream.  The scream that would ring in my memory for many years after. It was my mother's scream.  My mother, the love of my life, lost both of her beloved parents in a split second.  My uncle had been driving the car but had done nothing wrong.  He … [Read more...]

Peterson’s Happy Hour – Book Giveaway


At the end of a long day, after taking care of the kids, working, dealing with the daily grind, I like to relax and have a pick-me-up.  Sometimes it's a beer, sometimes a glass of wine.  I do often pine for a cocktail but don't have simple recipes.  That's exactly what the new recipe book, Peterson's Happy Hour (Published by Random House; $17.00 SRP)  is for: to offer simple drink recipes for relief from a host of exasperating situations that threaten to get in the way of our good days, i.e. screaming children, difficult clients or a tough … [Read more...]