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At the end of a long day, after taking care of the kids, working, dealing with the daily grind, I like to relax and have a pick-me-up.  Sometimes it’s a beer, sometimes a glass of wine.  I do often pine for a cocktail but don’t have simple recipes.  That’s exactly what the new recipe book, Peterson’s Happy Hour (Published by Random House; $17.00 SRP)  is for: to offer simple drink recipes for relief from a host of exasperating situations that threaten to get in the way of our good days, i.e. screaming children, difficult clients or a tough relationship.

Peterson’s Happy Hour prescribes the perfect liquid cure for any mom or dad’s household hindrances, workday worries, playtime problems, or vacation vexations with cocktails that you can make yourself.    Some of the drinks you can whip up are:

• Shandy Relations (ice-cold beer, limeade) for when you’re having differences with your husband.

•Pet Peeve (Strawberry Caipirinha) for when you bargained the kids down from a rottweiler puppy to a tropical bird.

•Pink Slip-Per Sangria for when you couldn’t been more diplomatic in the e-mail and referred to your boss as “detail-oriented” rather than a control freak.

•Mother’s Mai Tai for when you need a break from the dish washer, washing machine and clothes dryer, particularly on vacation after your husband said your vacation condo would have all the comforts of home.  And he’s wrong.

•Silver Lining for when you come home from a few days away to find you have a swimming pool – in your basement.

Peterson’s Happy Hour shows that alcohol can’t solve the world’s problems – but sometimes a homemade drink can make them seem that much better.  You can enter to win a copy of the book today here on The Culture Mom!

To enter, here’s what you have to do:

Comment in the section below and leave contact information (email or Twitter handle).  Simply tell us what your favorite drink to unwind after a long, hard day is.

The winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, September 17th at 11:59pm. Good luck!

Disclosure: This book is being provided to this blog free of charge for the giveaway, with no requirement or agreement of review requested in turn.  To enter, you must live in the United States.

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  1. Lalita Brown says

    This post was mentioned on momfinds.com and I am just checking it out. I would sooooooo love this book and would love to see what special drinks it includes. My favorite drink is a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. I love those and can make them easily with only straberries and some sugar or water…

  2. A glass of wine or a margarita work for me…depending on my mood! Would love this book and would certainly put it to good use!

  3. One of my favorite drinks is a pina colada or a cosmopolitain. I love the fruity cocktails that takes my mind to a tropical paradise and far away from the craziness of my home!

    I could really use this book!

  4. When I do have an end-of-the-day drink it’s just something I can pour like wine or sherry so simple cocktails would be a definite upgrade for me!
    Would love to have this book!!

  5. I could so use that book. 🙂 I would use every one of them in there. I wonder if they have something that covers livestock. lol


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