Postpartum: The Musical

Hello Flo

A while ago, I wrote about Hello Flo, a company whose idea to send tampons through the mail to young girls via subscription went viral last year. They had two videos that hit You Tube to promote a Period Starter Kit for girls: The company has had two hilarious viral successes in advertising its Period Starter Kit for girls— "Camp Gyno" and "First Moon". I interviewed founder Naama Bloom about how she's helping kids grow up last year and was so impressed with her goals - they're so genuine. And now she strikes again with a genuine mission - to help Read More


Don’t Tell Me Breast Milk is Best for My Baby, NYC

I’m irked.  It took me 2 days before I could post about this but Bloomberg has me steaming.  First he passes a law banning over-sized sugar drinks in NYC.  I understand what he’s trying to do, but come on…you can’t tell people what to drink. That’s not going to solve anything, including obesity.  Like with marijuana, people will just try to get it elsewhere (imagine the stock piles of large cups about to be bootlegged all over NYC).  So, that pissed me off but his new rant is far worse. Starting in September, NYC is launching the “Latch On NYC” Read More


Happy Anti-Mother’s Day from Time Magazine

By now, you've all read the blazing controversy surrounding the latest Time Magazine cover.  To be honest, I am not even interested in featuring the cover here on my site.  I don't want to feed into the whole sensationalism aspect of what Time has done, driving thousands, if not millions, to the store to pick up a copy to see the image of a 4 year-old standing on a chair while breastfeeding. The story inside the publication that the picture is referring to is about pediatrician Dr. William Sears and attachment parenting.  But the headline reads: "Are you Read More


Saving Children with Nutrition, Breastfeeding and More

Have you ever wondered the best place to be a mom in the entire world? How about the worst? Save the Children’s thirteenth State of the World’s Mothers report shows Niger as the worst place to be a mother in the world  - replacing Afghanistan for the first time in two years. Norway comes in at first place.  The Best and Worst Places to Be a Mom ranking, which compares 165 countries around the globe, looks at factors such as a mother's health, education and economic status, as well as critical child indicators such as health and nutrition. Let's Read More