Need a Place to Go? Try NO PLACE TO GO at the Public Theater

No Place to GoHow I love New York.  Last night I left my house after a day of work, kid’s stuff and the usual grind and headed into the city to catch a show at the Public called NO PLACE TO GO.  I was particularly excited because it meant a real night out at one of my favorite venues in the city, Joe’s Pub.  Towards the end of the show, Ethan Lipton, the show’s star, writer and composer also declared his love for NYC which completely resonated with me. About New York, he loves: “The food carts. The neighborhoods.  The skyline.  The food.  The bridges. The parks.  The beaches. Art.  Culture.”  Ahh, music to my ears.  How I love New York.

And this show is a good example of the kind of entertainment that I am lucky to see while living here.  Written by Lipton and directed by Leigh Silverman, this show is an ode to the unemployed and to employment, in general.  It puts work in perspective.  Interestingly enough, one of my companions last night had just left his job due to dissatisfaction and this play hit home.  Part love letter to his coworkers, part query to the universe, part protest to his company and country, NO PLACE TO GO is both relevant and meaningful in a day and age where jobs aren’t easy to keep, and many aren’t easy to love.

Lipton is joined by musicians Vito Dieterle, Eben Levy and Ian M. Riggs. Together they create music that is sultry and creates a sense of uncertainty as Lipton tells his story.  His company is moving to Mars to make things more efficient.  His voice is a cross between Tom Waits and Woody Guthrie, and his words are a kin to Woody Allen as they suggest a certain amount of stress and anxiety.   About work, he expresses ambivalence:

“I’ve got a place to go and no one that I love goes there, too.”

“Dear staff, I pray that someone can hear me.”

“Anxiety is excitement in disguise!”

It’s part melancholy, part hilarious, part relatable and really very enjoyable.  For us, it was a true night out, as we drank wine and shared a truly unique performance in the city that we adore, while a babysitter put the kids back to bed back home (always a treat).

To get discount tickets to the show, use code NOPLACE for $25 tickets, which can be purchased by calling 212‐967‐7555, going to JoesPub‘s web site, or visiting the Public Theater Box Office at 425 Lafayette Street.

In addition, the Public is offering a fantastic contest: four grand prize winners will receive a pair of VIP tickets and a $40 food/drink voucher for NO PLACE TO GO – go here to enter.

Also, follow the Public Theater on Twitter or Facebook for more information on the show, and check out this video about it:

Disclosure: I was provided complimentary tickets by MamaDrama, but all opinions are my own.


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