Guest Post: An Interactive and Engaging Pip’s Island at NYC’s Skylight Modern


This a guest post written by writer Lisa Gerstel-Zach, a diverse and seasoned executive who has spent her career in Children’s and Family Entertainment via Publishing, Live Events and Broadcast before stepping back to take a much earned reprieve from the Corporate world in order to reinvent herself and remember why she moved to New York. She lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with her husband and daughter. Pip’s Island is a wonderful introduction as to what immersive theater can be.  My four year old and her best friend, each daughters of avid Read More


Broadway’s Kinky Boots Teaches the Value of Acceptance and Diversity


It's a new day. With the recent election, there is more of a need for acceptance and diversity than ever. Acceptance of differences of religion, ethnicity, race, sexuality. It hasn't been an easy few weeks for so many of us as we grapple with a new administration that defies everything we believe in. Much of our inherent beliefs and the basis of what our Constitution stands for are on the line. And this is where Broadway's Kinky Boots comes into play. It's a show that pushes the very idea of acceptance and diversity, and that is what our entire nation Read More


#GivingTuesday: Supporting Refugees with HIAS


Conflicts around the world have forced 65 million people to flee their homelands due to persecution – harassment, threats, abduction, or torture, because of their race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or political opinion. Over and over we have seen that, despite these traumas, refugees are brave, resilient, and resourceful people. Despite having typically left everything behind - including homes, jobs, and savings – they find ways not just to survive but to thrive. But they cannot do it alone. HIAS is the only Jewish organization whose Read More


TheCultureMom Hotel Review: Sheraton Krakow


On my recent visit to Krakow, I was fortunate to stay at Sheraton Krakow. Not only is the hotel centrally located, but it's extremely comfortable and just exactly where we were meant to end up. I'll never forget the view of Krakow from our room, our ability to walk to Wawel Castle and my morning run around the Wisla River. At night, we would walk to town for pierogis and champagne. It was a very special visit - let me tell you more about it. Why Visit Krakow I was quietly impressed with the city of Krakow. While it has a rich yet painful history, Read More


A Visit to the Haunted Warsaw Ghetto


Several weeks ago while visiting Warsaw, my tour of the Jewish Ghetto started early in the morning. I was eager to get to know a city where my ancestors once lived before coming to the United States in the early part of the 20th century. My mother didn't know much about where they lived, but we wanted to see what life had been like and what had caused them to leave. Seeing the Ghetto was part of the soul-searching process we needed, even though the sad events had occurred after they'd left. What I was able to gather was that before World War 2, Jews Read More


TheCultureMom Hotel Review: The Westin Warsaw


On my recent visit to Warsaw, I spent two nights at the Westin Warsaw, a modern hotel with 20 stories in the heart of the city. It was my first time to the city, so I was particularly excited about this part of my European vacation.A short ride from the airport, we were there within 15 minutes. When I walked in and my eyes caught sight of its modern design featuring a vertical glass  elevator tower and a glass spiral staircase, I was intrigued and pretty much won over. The staff at reception was very accommodating and we were eager for a good night's Read More


A Cruise Down the Danube with AmaWaterways


A year or so ago, I was reading an article in the New York Times about an AmaWaterways river cruise down the Danube and decided it was something I had to try. With a bit of work and tenacity, I was invited to cruise down the Eastern European river, starting in Budapest and ending in Vilshofen. I eagerly awaited my sail date and invited my mother as my companion on the trip. Together my mom would explore Europe. Days, exploring cities and towns along the Danube. We'd sail all night and take trips off the boat during the day. When we came back after a Read More


My Visit to Dachau: Never Forget


#Dachau - let me tell you about my visit. Please note I have also just been to Auschwitz and Birkenau, where even worse atrocities were committed, and to countless Jewish ghettos all over Eastern Europe, so I am tired....and sad. However, I also feel compelled to share what I have just seen while it's all very raw. Just over 70 years ago, innocent people entered Dachau through the SS training camp after marching through the town for all to see, thinking that they were going someplace safe as that is what they had been told. But they left registration Read More


A Visit to the Gilmore Girls Set: A Year in the Life Return


Six months ago I got an invitation from Netflix to visit Stars Hollow.  Yes, THAT Stars Hollow. Needless to say, I was delighted as I headed to the Gilmore Girls set. The trip would be a whirl-wind trip to L.A., but I was a massive fan when the show aired 16 years ago and even more of one once I had kids. The snappy dialogue, the pop culture references, the relationships, the characters - created by the brilliant Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband, Dan - it all had me at "hello".  I loved following the dynamics between a mother-daughter duo and Read More


Guest Post: Review of Odd Squad: LIVE!

odd squad

How do you make your child, who detests math, tolerate the subject and even participate enthusiastically in solving math problems? You can record Odd Squad on PBS and encourage them be part of the team combatting the villain or if you want them to surprise you and solve math problems enthusiastically, take them to watch the play Odd Squad: LIVE!  If your child loves solving math problems, they will be in heaven. Odd Squad: LIVE! , Is a high-tech agency run by kids equipped with the world’s most advanced and unpredictable gadgetry (some of the kids can Read More