Why Take the Kids to Long Beach, California


If you're looking for a vacation with the kids in 2015 that has good hotels, restaurants, a variety of activities for all ages, good weather (all year long), art, culture, shopping, and more, I have an idea for you. I just got back from a few days in Long Beach, California, and I have to say it was the ultimate getaway with my tween. Located along five and a half miles of beach, half way between Los Angeles and Orange County, Long Beach offers great food, cultural diversity, waterfront dining and a slew of options for families of all shapes and sizes. In Read More


Where You’ll Find Me

where you can find me

I've been quiet this week but do have a lot of posts to write about recent plays I've seen (Love Letters), a cool event for tweens I attended (Kidzvuz), and they will get written! But in the meantime, I'd like to share a few pieces I've written recently elsewhere - are you ready to travel? Things to Do for Christmas with Kids in New York City (over on MiniTime) Four NYC Winter Sleepovers in NYC for Kids (also on MiniTime) Great Things to Do with Special Needs Kids in North American Cities (also on MiniTime) 10 Reasons to Visit Iceland with Read More


A Trip to the New York Wine Country


  I recently traveled to the North Fork, New York Wine Country, via Cross Sound Ferry. The ferry was a mode of transportation I honestly hadn't considered in the past, but boy, were my expectations surpassed. It was efficient, restful and great value. The trip eliminated hours of driving, and the views from the boat were so impressive. The North Fork, once thought of a long drive on the Long Island Expressway, where you can sit for hours at a time during the summer, became more accessible, and now that I've been there, I can't wait to go back. A Read More


Walks of New York Presents: A Walking Tour for the Food Obsessed


Confession: I'm not a foodie. I don't follow world renowned chefs and I don't eat at their restaurants. My kids watch cooking shows on the Food Network and from time to time, I watch with them. But I do know New York City. I've been living here a long time, and I feel the city's pulse. When I was invited on a walking tour, hosted by Walks of New York, celebrating its culture and history from the perspective of one of the country’s top chefs and restaurateurs, Mario Batali, I didn't hesitate. Batali has his home base in Greenwich Village, and I'd heard Read More


Multi-Generational Zen at the Emerson Resort and Spa


When I invited my mom to accompany me to a weekend at the Emerson Resort and Spa in the Catskills, I had a feeling we were in for something special. I'd been to the area and knew it holds an aura of tranquility. I also knew we were going to be near hippie-esque towns and that we needed time to explore after our stint at the spa. We both needed the experience to escape stress and reality, and I had no doubt the time would be bonding and rewarding. After all, my mom just moved to New York, and I'm embracing the time with her. The Emerson would be our Read More


Giveaway: The NY Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show (Family Pack)


  The New York Botanical Garden’s annual Holiday Train Show has become a special and memorable experience for all of us. When our kids were babies, their eyes popped out at all the moving trains buzzing around the room.  As toddlers, they started to chase the trains and watch the lights flashing around the room.  Now that they’re officially tweens, they'll surely look at it through a new lens, more curious about the landmarks represented and how they were made. The experience is a one and only.  You and your kids will marvel at the charming Read More


The Culture Mom App Suggestion: Explore NYC Parks

parks nyc

I love NYC. I love walking its streets, eating its food, exploring its neighborhoods. When I lived on the Upper West Side, a trip to its public parks was a crucial part of my life to escape the nuttiness of my daily, wonderful life. I would have loved a simple and easy way to navigate the parks all over the city - all 1,900 of them. That was a while ago, before the invention of anything starting with an "i". Today there's an app for everything, and now there's Explore NYC Parks, built by Brooklyn-based web developer Andy Glass. While New York City is Read More


My Latest on MiniTime: 10 Reasons to Visit Iceland with Kids


My latest piece over on MiniTime is about a family travel destination close to my heart, ICELAND. We took the kids about five years ago. It wasn’t the most obvious of places to visit on our annual summer holiday but somehow or other, but we were definitely curious and once we began to do our research, we decided it would be our summer holiday destination.  The kids didn’t know what to expect when they heard the word “Iceland” – they thought we were going to go ice-skating and skiing during all throughout the holiday. Iceland is truly one of those Read More


Tips for Traveling with a Special Needs Child


Traveling with special needs children can be challenging, but the reward of seeing the world runs deep and the experience is like no other. While the urge to stay home may take over your conscious as a parent, it’s important to remember about your own desire and urge to explore while you are young, too Your child may be a stickler for routine or want all his foods separated. He may take medication and need an early bedtime. For all these reasons and more, you may be hesitant to take him out of his rhythm, but there are tactics to help cope. We’ve made Read More


Giveaway: Big Apple Circus in NYC on 10/17


I took my daughter to see the Big Apple Circus when she was 3 years-old.  We trekked into NYC mid-week and entered the a large tent at Lincoln Center.  I remember it being just like an-fashioned circus with clowns, jugglers, flying trapeze performers, horse back riders, acrobatics, puppies and more.  It was her first circus experience and it certainly left a mark on her memory.  She has never forgotten it…. …which is why I’m excited about its upcoming arrival in NYC. It's making its triumphant return to its hometown from October 17th to January Read More