A Meaningful Passover (w/a Bit of Girl Power)

This year Passover took a whole new meaning in my house.  For one thing, it's the first time my children have ever kept the holiday's strict dietary rules.  In prior years, I felt they were too young for me to change their dietary habits and I couldn't get them to eat enough Passover food to keep them going.  This year I decided that at ages 8 and 9, they could survive a week without bread, pasta and rice.  For another thing, going to Hebrew School twice a year seems to be paying off.  This is the first time they were genuinely excited to sit down Read More


Getting Ready to Spend Passover in London (w/ Matzo Pizza Recipe)


This year Passover is going have a different meaning than it has over the last few years.  We'll be with in London with  my husband's family on our annual trip over.  My kids will be with their first cousins, grandmother and aunts and uncles, and we'll be in another culture.  Another culture we know very well, no less. But still, the Jewish life in Britain is very unique for me.  First of all, my Jewish UK experience starts as soon as I board the plane tomorrow night.  There will be a lot of black hats and Yiddish speakers, many of whom "daven" Read More


Kid Culture: Matzo Pizza

My mother-in-law makes the yummiest matzo pizza in the world.  My kids love this recipe and it's fun to make.  I'm making it later today and will post pictures.Ingredients: 1 medium onion chopped4 oz. cheese5 pieces of matzo1/4 lb. mushroomssugar, salt, pepper, oil2 eggsjar or tomato saucelemon juice (optional)How to make it:-Soak matzo in cold water for a few seconds and drain in between paper towels.-Fry onion until golden.-Add chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce, lemon juice, seasoning and cook gently until mixture thick - take from heat and Read More


Kid Culture Vacation Project Idea: Chocolate Matzah

Chocolate matzah is a family favorite in our house during Passover, and it's easy enough to make together.  It's something I plan to do this week while the children are home from school and I thought I'd share the recipe.Ingredients:Egg MatzahSemi-sweet Baker's ChocolateWilton Candy decorator pens (from Michael's)Tools:-Double boiler-Various spatulas-Small glass bowls-Wax paperRecipe: -Put decorator pens in bowl and cover with hot water to soften them.-Melt chocolate in double boiler -- watch carefully and remove as soon as it's soft.-Cover table Read More