My Thoughts on Marissa Mayer’s Decree On Working from Home


  I've written a lot about my quest for the perfect situation to enable me to both work and take care of my children often on this blog.  A few years ago, I posted over on ScaryMommy about the dilemma I faced when I went back to work fulltime after my daughter was born.  Faced with a long commute across state lines to the office and raging hormones after just having given birth a few months earlier, I made the decision to leave when my flexible schedule to ease my return to work (3 days in the office, 2 at home) went out the window.  I left Read More


LTYM NYC 2012: All This and So Much More

LIsten to Your Mother

It's been two days since Listen to Your Mother hit the NYC stage.  After weeks and weeks of working on the show's logistics, from finding a non-profit to support... to helping to cast the show to finding rehearsal space... to securing sponsorships... to scouting a location for the cast party, I put my heart and soul into bringing this show to life. I enjoyed every waking minute of it and nourished the experience.  Words can not even express how grateful I was to be a part of it.  I kept thinking that the chance of ever working on a NYC stage Read More


Getting Ready for the Big Day: Listen to Your Mother

Listen to Your Mother

On Sunday, the cast and crew of the NYC production of Listen to Your Mother gathered at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center for a final rehearsal.  We hadn't met in over a month and the excitement and wonder had been building since we last met and connected in a small theater on the Upper West Side back in February.  We had been communicating on a private Facebook page since we came together and you could sense the anticipation of our meeting virtually well before we came together again.  I think we were all walking on air all the way to the Read More