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I'm particularly excited to write this post because it's SO important. I also just happened to go for my yearly mammogram, so breast cancer is definitely on my mind as I nervously await my own results. As a thyroid cancer survivor, I don't take these exams lightly AT ALL, and neither should you. My mother is a lung cancer survivor and she's been in remission for several years. But we both know the fight is never over. This may be a sponsored post but I feel very passionate about this cause as I have known too many women who have fallen to breast Read More


Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk and Save a Life

moonwalk cancer

  Last year I came face to face with a form of cancer that struck a close family member.  It was not breast cancer, it was lung cancer.  For the first time in my life, I was hit with the awful reality that I could potentially lose this person, the single most important person in my life.  I was faced with the fact that it would spread like fire, even after it was removed, which it was. Now this family member and I live in fear that it could come back, and it's not a pleasant way to live.  We will live like this for the next five years until Read More