My Personal and Professional Achievements in 2011

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At the end of last year I wrote about how social media had opened doors for me that I never imagined would open.  This year, that continued and there were many wonderful opportunities that presented themselves as a result of my work.  To name a few: *My work at Ruckus Media Group has continued to thrive and I have been able to oversee their campaign as a partner of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  For the last six weeks, we have donated a portion of sales to children who need it most and I am very proud of our work. *I launched a … [Read more...]

I’m Not Perfect. How Do I Know? Just Ask My Kids.

Max's Monster Book

Before I had kids, I knew I wasn't perfect.  But since having them, I have daily reminders.  From whom, you may wonder?  From both of my children.  Today, for example, I forgot that my daughter's after-school club was called off, so my daughter was left sitting in the school office for 20 minutes...before they called to let me know..and to remind me that I'd been emailed about the cancellation several days before.  The funny thing was that my daughter wasn't bothered by my being late; the school clearly was.  But I was annoyed that I had forgotten … [Read more...]