Spending the Day with More Magazine and How to Get a Good Headshot

The wardrobe at More Magazine's offices

Last week I was invited to an event for MORE Magazine.  I was curious about what I would learn as I haven’t really checked out the magazine in the past.  I always envisioned it as a magazine for older women.  We gathered at their office in NYC and listened as Editor-in-Chief Lelsey Jane Seymour explained that the magazine is not quite what we think it is.  It’s about “reinventing your life at any age.”   While I thought the magazine was about entering the 2nd chapter of life, it’s really for all women like myself. After taking a look at the current issue, which graces Naomi Watts on the cover, one of my own role models, and checking out its content, I just might be a convert.  I’ll spend some time with the current issue and let you know.

Not only were we treated to a session with Seymour, but we also heard from Susan Avery, the magazine’s Digital Director. Beauty Director Genevieve Monsmo and as a special finale to the day, Nicole Williams from LinkedIn. Stay tuned to this page tomorrow for more details on that session.   She definitely opened my eyes to new ways I can start using this valuable social networking tool, in ways I haven’t used it before.

Tara Dolen, the magazine’s Market Editor, also gave us some fashion tips. She said that there are 5 staples you need in your wardrobe: a great blazer, a white buttoned shirt, a great pair of heels, great jeans and a striped shirt. Then you’re set.  It was really helpful as I set out to rehash my fall wardrobe which at the moment, lacks any sign of style.

But the fun didn’t stop there.  We were also invited into the magazine’s wardrobe.  We had a lovely lunch (magazine editors don’t eat, they nibble – no wonder they are skinny and I’m not).  We got free James Jeans in our goodie bags. The stylists from John Barrett’s braid bar fixed up our hair (well, not mine, there wasn’t enough time, but I can’t wait to take my daughter with our certificate for a free treatment), and we were given manicures. We also received these nifty items from a brand called Hollywood meant to fix us up like they do in Hollywood – lint removers, fashion tape, hem tape and more.  I’ve already used the lint remover on a sweater and it worked like magic.  I was just about to toss that sweater out, but this lovely pumice stone saved the day.

The best part about the day for me?  I got my eyebrows done by the amazing crew at Benefit.  I don’t just mean done, I mean DONE.  They looked pretty fabulous.  I also got a headshot.  I’ve been having trouble taking decent photographs since the kids were born.  It’s probably because I’ve gone up two clothing sizes since my wedding.  Whatever the reason, I always fret when I have to send in a photograph.  It helped that we had a quick make-over first and then Jennifer from Jelly Bean Pictures had me stand by a window to have my photo taken.  After the first shot, she realized she needed a new technique, so she had me laugh.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that I can no longer photograph.  The results?  There were two usable photos, here is one:

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned items for free at the More Magazine event, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. That is a really great photo! Love it!

  2. Wow, your eyebrows look awesome 🙂 Love the idea of reinventing oneself at any age. So, made a mental note to take a little closer look at MORE Magazine. Sounds like a really great event and thanks for the recap!

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