Review: Mamma Mia! on Broadway

Momma Mia

I have a confession.

I can not stop singing ABBA songs today!  All for good reason. I was treated to a night at the theater last night at a show I’ve been dying to see since its debut. Yes, of course I am referring to Mamma Mia!, playing at the Winter Garden.

Yes, “My, my how can I resist you” is right.  The show is exactly what I expected: a delicious treat. Frivolous and mind-numbing but who cares?  It’s about love, both young and old, and it’s a slice of heaven with all my favorite ABBA songs.

Don’t be a theater snob.  Even if you think this is kitsch, you’ll love it, I promise.

There are twenty-two songs that set the tone for this story, about a Sophie, played by newcomer Liana Hunt, who is getting ready for her wedding, at age 20.  She lives in Greece with her mother, brilliantly played by Lisa Brescia, who long ago had her out of wedlock and owns a small hotel on the island. When Sophie invites the three men she suspect could be her father, played by David Beach, Patrick Bool and John Hemphill, to hopefully escort her down the aisle, hell breaks loose.  Donna’s best friends, played by Jennifer Perry and Judy McLane are there to provide support, and they are funny and fabulous.

Every few moments one of the ABBA goodies is sung.  From “Dancing Queen” to “I Have a Dream” to “Money, Money, Money” to “Thank You for the Music”, and I can’t imagine any disgruntled audience member.  I did happen to see a sleeping audience member a few rows up (it was hard not to notice as her head kept throwing itself forward), but I think this senior citizen wore herself out during the first part of the show.  She was going wild, with her arms flapping in the air, grooving to the familiar tunes, like every audience member should have been doing, so I applaud her.

One reason I hadn’t seen the show was the price point, with seats at $127.50 for orchestra seating.  But that problem has been kindly rectified by the producers this winter in their big Mamma Mia Winter sale.  Every orchestra seat is going to cost $49-79 if you order it by December 24th for performances between January 9th through March 4th.  I think that my 8 year-old daughter would love this show and I’d definitely take her.  If my mother comes to visit, we’ll make it a multi-generational theater outing.  I have to admit, though, that last night I just really enjoyed going with my girl friend and having a girl’s night out at Mamma Mia!

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Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary tickets for this show but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Your Mom wants to go.

  2. I just told my husband yesterday that I wanted to see this show next. Now we can with this great sale

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