Product Review: Ridemakerz for Car-Serious Kids


This past Saturday I dragged my husband and kids into the city bright and early, not an easy feat in my house.  For one thing, my hubby is english and he likes to call home on Saturday mornings.  For another, my family just aren’t morning people, none of us really are.  On the weekends, we all like time to CHILL OUT.  But I was invited to what I thought was going to be quite a special event hosted by Disney and I was quite demanding that we get up and out.

And indeed it was worth the early trip in.  It was a an event hosted by the folks behind the new line of Cars 2 inspired toys, the new Disney/Pixar film.  The line is called Ridmakerz.  It’s a car set that kids can easily customize by collecting different cars and accessories.  There’s Lightning McQueen and his friends, Mater, Finn and Francesco, and they come with custom options as tires and wheels, blown engines and hood scoops, side pipes, spoilers and much more.

Built on RIDEMAKERZ’s patented customization system, each custom accessory is designed for easy interchangeability and maximum customization across all characters and across the entire line.   With additional accessories available, there are nearly endless customization options.  Kids can mix and match to create millions of combinations, tricking-out their favorite Cars 2 characters with snap on spoilers, tires, side pipes, rims and magnetic roof accessories, engines, hood scoops and repositionable decals.  My son has really embraced the line.   They make great additions to his play dates and he is really proud of his set of new, innovative cars. They each came in a box that is meant to be each car’s garage.  After my son uses them, he neatly places them back inside their respective garages.

I have to also add that this event was superbly run.  There was a table full of kid-friendly food, a full bar with kid’s drinks (i.e. juice boxes), lots of photo opportunities and the brand’s “ZEO” walked around and introduced himself to all of us. He answered questions and really embraced all the media in the room.  Even better, when I got home, there was a thank you email in my inbox from HIM.  Usually these emails are from publicists.  I thought this was very cool. Here’s his message:

Hi Holly,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thank You for taking the time to come play with us today! I am so excited about the opportunity we have to empower kids by letting them turn their favorite toys into THEIR toys…expressions of themselves that THEY create. It’s only through people like you that we can let more people know, and that only happens if people like you truly make an effort to see and experience us. You did, so I am grateful.
Thank you and RIDE ON!

The entire line of Disney•Pixar Cars 2 toy cars from RIDEMAKERZ is designed for kids ages four and up.  For more information, connect with RIDEMAKERZ online at RIDEMAKERZ.com or facebook.com/ridemakerz.

Disclosure: I was provided free admission to this event and free merchandise to facilitate this review but all opinions are my own.



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