Give Moms a Thought this Mother’s Day


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Pregnancy is the number one cause of death for women ages 15 – 19 in the developing world. This is not myth, it is fact. And we can help.

Christy Turlington Burns, the founder of Every Mother Counts (ENC), is a great example of someone who has seized the opportunity to further the cause of preventing maternal deaths around the world and her organization has created a new campaign that she hopes to further her cause not just now, but all year long called “Give Mom a Thought“.

Remember when your Mom said, “It’s the thought that counts,” and you didn’t believe her?  Remember how she got all teary-eyed over your scribbled misspelled cards, wilted handpicked flowers, glitter-bombed craft creations and the slightly scorched breakfast you made her?  That’s because the thought, planning and creativity you put into doing something special for her on Mother’s Day was the only thing that really mattered. Chances are, she’s saved and cherished every one of those thoughts.   That’s why they’ve created the best way to show your Mom that you finally get it: It really is the thought that counts.

This year, for Mother’s Day, instead of giving her another bouquet of flowers that will wilt all too quickly or box of chocolates you just know everyone else will eat, give Mom a gift that matters. Give her a gift that will expand to reach countless other mothers and will show just how much you value motherhood:

Give a thought.

Here’s how it works:

EMC created a “Give a Thought” Pinterest board where people can view a variety of different Mother’s Day “thoughts,” like this:

I cherish the memories we shared when I was a kid.

I still don’t fully understand why you cut my hair in my underwear outside when I was five,

but I cherish it nonetheless.” 

There are plenty to choose from and you can even take the pen yourself and suggest your own thought that reflects your own memories, hopes, dreams and wishes. When you select the sentiment that perfectly expresses your “thought,” click on the image.  It will allow you to share your thought with your mom via email, Facebook, twitter or pinterest. And if you want, you can then head over to the Every Mother Counts donation page to make a donation in your mother’s honor.  Because we believe the best way to show that Every Mother Counts, including the mothers in your life, is to help EVERY Mother to survive pregnancy and childbirth and thrive throughout her motherhood experience.  This year, Give a Thought.



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