A Little Kvetching After a Long Week

Life as a mother is a juggle and I’m not always successful.

Everyone wants to know how I do it all…work, parenting, juggling a million things at a time. Well, I do it all the best way I can, but things don’t always go according to plan, just like the following few episodes from the week we’ve just left behind:

– I loved it (not really) when the piano teacher showed up unexpected at 4:15 on Thursday. (Well, she was expected on my calendar but I neglected to look).   The woman’s a saint, she must think I’m the most disorganized person in the world.  Yes, it has happened a few times.

– I didn’t wake up to the alarm yesterday out of sheer exhaustion and barely got the kids to school in time.  Then I got in the car with an empty tank of gas.

– When my daughter found out that the play I’m associate producing is running another week, she said “Nuts”.  When I asked why, she told me I’m out too much at night.

– The few times I made lunch for my son, he sent all of the food home in his lunch box informing me that he doesn’t eat cold food, hence coming home on an empty stomach and in a bad mood.

– Cool weather has hit NY and all my daughter’s pants are too long.  I have to get them all hemmed, forcing her to wear the same leggings daily. Clean or dirty.

– One of my daughter’s moms keeps emphasizing the word WORK whenever we talk.  She clearly thinks I don’t.  For some reason, it bothers me very much.

I have my good and bad parenting moments, but that’s life, isn’t it?

You do the best you can.  And your kids love you for it.  Or at least they will when they grow up!

How about you?  Do you have it all in control?

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  1. Hi,
    You are the hardest working (whether paid or unpaid) mom I know.

    I’m so delighted that you are on the advisory council to the board of directors of Mothers & More. We are so excited to be getting your experience, wisdom and passion for advocacy!

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