Watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Prepping for the Golden Globe Awards

So, Tina and Amy decided to host the Golden Globes because it’s a “sloppy, loud party, and their kind of thing.”

Oh, and Tina wants to win best picture, even though she decided to make a movie.

Also of interest, Amy wants to meet Angelina Jolie.  She has had a lot of imaginary conversations with her and wants to have a real one. And meet a blue person from the film “Avatar”.

They don’t seem to even know what or who is nominated! They seem to think it’s all about “Avatar”.  Wrong year.


I have never been so excited about an awards show.  What was the last one hosted by ALL women? I loved the Emmy Awards and Oscars when they were hosted by Ellen DeGeneres but she didn’t have her best friend to share the limelight with.  Why?  Because women tell good stories.  They laugh together.  It will be a completely different vibe.

And they hold their stomachs in a lot.  They’re moms, after all. Watch the video.

The Golden Globes air next Sunday, January 13th.



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  1. I cannot wait! I love those two. and hooray for #womenpower!!!

    p.s. I hold my stomach, too.

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