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Listen to your MotherYesterday was an extraordinary day.  I woke up an hour earlier than usual due to Day Light Savings without flinching. I got out of bed at 7:30 on a Sunday morning which I never do, dressed and prepared to leave my family for the day.  Then I found myself walking on air all the way to the train station, to the city, to a small theater on the Upper West Side to join 15 marvelous women.

And I couldn’t help but wonder, how did I get there?  How did I end up precisely in the right spot, as Associate Producer, under a fabulous Producer and Director, working on a show that I care so passionately about?  This thought ran through my mind as I listened to the 15 amazing women read their stories together for the first time.  The words, the emotions, the passion, the desire to be in that room here and now by all of them was so clearly felt.  It was almost as though everyone’s hearts and souls were on display and I was the voyeur.

The voyeur because I am the only crew member not reading in our show. As a woman who has been going through an identity crisis for many years now and as a mom who does not always embrace motherhood and doesn’t really want to write about it, my words are mine and mine alone.  I am not ready to share them with the world until I figure some of this out on my own.

For now, I am honored and awe-struck for being part of group of inspiring women.  For being part of this ground-breaking, important production that is giving so many women a voice around the country.  When the cast tells me what an honor it is to work with me, I feel a rush.  By giving them a microphone, I am giving myself a microphone.

Tickets are on sale soon. If you’re in the NYC area I hope you can come.

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  1. I am feeling all kinds of PRIDE just working with you. I’ll say it again…I am so glad that LTYM brought YOU into my life. I am looking forward to lots of “times we share” in our future. 🙂

    You’re AH-mazing to me!!!

  2. This opportunity is SO perfect for you! And I’m so proud to say, “yeah, I know a producer on Broadway…!”

  3. This was no accident. I feel like I’m always pounding home the message “Make your own opportunities.” You saw this and totally went for it. And I am BEYOND grateful. Beyond.

    When and If you’re ready to share your words–we are here! Thank goodness for blogs.

  4. I can’t wait to come see the show!
    Do you know yet when tickets will go on sale?

  5. I love your raw honesty here. Love.

    (Open looks good on you.)

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