Eddie Redmayne’s Romeo & Juliet Moment in Les Misérables

Eddie Redmaybe may become a household name after the release of Les Misérables, but he is certainly not new on the entertainment scene.  At a recent press conference for the film, it was clear that he saw this role as the chance of a lifetime. He discovered Les Misérables long before Hooper’s film was on his radar.  “I saw the show as a child, and I obsessed about being Gavroche.  As a nine-year-old, I wanted to be the street urchin jumping in and out of barricades.”  He was beyond thrilled when he landed the part of Marius, the politically engaged Read More


Film Review: Hugo

"Films have the power to capture dreams," we are told by a character in the new film Hugo, which opened today across the country.  When I was in high school, I watched every film that crossed my path.  They were either foreign films or black & white classics.  I remember the day that I saw Cinema Paradiso.  I was completely  transported into another place and time  and was reminded about the power of film and the effect that it's had on the world and my own life.  Twenty-five years, I have once again been transported with an unusual and incredible Read More