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Listen to your Mother

I’ve learned so much working on Listen to Your Mother NYC.  I’m working with the most amazing women you can imagine on a production we all care about, and been involved in all aspects of the production.  From auditions to casting the show, from finding rehearsal space to the planning the actual rehearsals, to finding the venue for the show and scouting the Upper West Side for the cast party and so much more.  I’ve been milking the experience as much as possible and have been absorbing the knowledge of the phenomenal director, producer and cast, and most importantly the show’s founder and National Director, Ann Imig.  I can’t believe I’m associated with an actual NYC production.  Pinch me.  I was written up in a local paper the other week.   It’s my 15 minutes of fame.

Another bonus is working with the most incredible line-up of sponsors you can imagine.  They are all unique and fit perfectly with the mission of LTYM.  And they are….drumroll, please:

Fresh Direct is the popular online grocer providing high quality fresh foods and popular grocery and household items at incredible prices delivered to the New York area.  Follow them on Twitter at @freshdirect or on Facebook.

Tolani Wine Restaurant is where we’re having our cast party.  Located at 410 Amsterdam Avenue (between 79th and 80th Streets), “Tolani” means “too good,” and that is exactly what this UWS gem is – an unpretentious spot of which you simply can’t get enough. Drawing from the very best flavors, techniques and ingredients from each corner of the world, Tolani Wine Restaurant’s menu brings a culinary adventure to your backyard, marrying authenticity with ingenuity.  You can call to make a reservation at 212-873-6252 or book using Open Table.  You can also follow them on Twitter at @tolaninyc or on Facebook.

Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness is a Manhattan based in-home personal training service providing fitness professionals to you in your home. We offer a variety of disciplines including Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, and Boxing, all under one umbrella.  Follow them on Twitter at @mindomatternyc and on Facebook.

The Perfect Mom Reform School, run by Lucila McElroy, is a consulting service that offers training and support for women who are ready, committed and serious about creating changes in their lives. It’s for women who are tired of the status-quo paradigms of motherhood, and want to create and design a life of balance that they truly love.  You can follow her on Twitter.

Stephanie Newman, Author of Mad Men on the Couch.  The book is packed with humor and insight about what makes these people tick. Why is Betty such a cold mother, and why does Peggy treat women in the workplace so badly when she herself started on the bottom rung? Questions that may resonate with more than a few of us who interact with people like them in real life. Published by St. Martin’s Press Mad Men on the Couch is a book that will change the way you view the show forever.  Follow Stephanie at @madmenoncouch and on Facebook.

With locations on both the Upper West Side and Scarsdale, Eye Q Optometrists is a great choice for those of us searching for the perfect Optometrist, or the perfect pair of glasses — geek chic or otherwise.  They are located in NYC and Westchester and you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @eyeqdr for updates and exclusive discounts and deals.

Rosie Hippo brings toys and books and music to children that will help inspire them, teach them about the world — issues like diversity, giving, greening — and help instill good values and a foundation from which to grow.  Their products are made of the finest materials – natural, safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly – to promote the health of our children and our planet: handcrafted wooden toys, toys made from organic fabrics, toys from individuals, companies, villages and cooperatives around the world, and books and games that stimulate creativity and independent thought.  Follow them on Facebook.  Follow them on Twitter.  Get to know this company.

Jennifer Lee is a New York City photographer who specializes in portraiture of newborns, babies, children, families, maternity, and celebrations. Jennifer creates a permanent print of the essence of each child in exactly the way parents wish they could keep their children frozen in time.  Each session evokes a fond remembrance of a favorite stage or age.  You’ll also want to follow her on Twitter, check out her Pinterest portfolio, and like her on her Facebook page.

Freckleface the Musical , based on the beloved New York Times Best Selling book by celebrated actress Julianne Moore, is a play that delivers a very important message to children: to learn to love the skin they’re in. This is a musical for all ages.  There are solid performances, dancing, memorable songs and most importantly, an important message to be learned.  Check out the show on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  We are rehearsing at the theater where this play is held, the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center at 248 West 60th Street.

If you’re looking for a prenatal yoga studio, look no further than Prenatal Yoga Center.  Prenatal Yoga Center is the first yoga center in New York City to focus on moms and moms-to-be. Over the past 9 years, over 8000 women have come through their door to take classes and workshops on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Follow the Prenatal Yoga Center on Twitter.  Like them on Facebook.

The Motherhood is a place where women can gather and be themselves.  Women communicate and are able to have serious conversation through forums and live chats that take place almost daily about topics they are truly passionate about like technology, advocacy, fashion, food, keeping our kids safe and more.  Follow them on Twitter.  Like them on Facebook. Most of all, join their conversation.

Maplewood Swim & Tennis Club is a luxurious club in Hartsdale, NY that has been around for 50 years.  You can contact them at (914) 684-9184.

The Upper Breast Side is New York City’s first breastfeeding resource center and the largest hospital-grade breast pump rental station.  In addition to selling gear, they refer customers to lactation consultants and doctors; hosts a weekly “latch-on clinic” for women struggling to get their babies to, well, latch on; and matches up customers with properly fitting bras. At a counter referred to as the “milk bar,” bleary-eyed new mothers and their partners learn how to work a pump. ollow them on Twitter, LIKE them on Facebook.

Joshua Brandfonbrener is a residential, commercial and institutional architect and can be reached at 917-836-1180.

The Museum Of Motherhood serves as a valuable resource for everyone including those who wish to honor mother-work and those who wish to study the cultural family, from lay-people, to school children to serious scholars. As an organization devoted to educating the world about the contributions of mothers both historically and in contemporary culture, they intend to fill a longstanding void by focusing on the many roles of mothers throughout history with our physical and virtual library, exhibit facility, traveling productions, and resource center. Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.

Listen to Your Mother NYC is coming to the JCC of Manhattan on May 6th.  For more information, go here.



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  1. I am amazed at what one woman, Ann Imig, has achieved by inventing this show, which is sweeping the nation! She is a genius, but thinks she is just an ordinary person. Hah!

  2. Great compilation! I should probably clarify that luxurious would not be the word I’d use to describe Maplewood. Peaceful, idyllic, low-key and charming to be sure. If people want to contact us they can also email members@maplewoodswimclub.com since the office is closed right now.
    Thanks for the mention!!

  3. Awesome! So happy for you guys!

  4. Truly an exciting list. Thanks for everything you’ve done Holly to bring these sponsors to us!

  5. Pinch ME while you’re at it. Cannot thank you and the NYC team enough. Look at this list of sponsors!! What incredible support.

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