My Debut on Women and Hollywood

women and hollywood
One of my resolutions in 2012 was to go beyond the mom blogosphere and write for a publication I felt was in line with who I am.  That particular publication is Women & Hollywood, a featured blog on IndieWire. It’s a site I have been reading since the start of the Internet. I get many opportunities to meet women involved with film and television, and the editorial possibilities are real. Women, film, television – these are topics of utmost importance to me and the subjects of which I know most about in life.

I met the site’s editor at BlogHer back in August, but in typical “me” style, I took my time to figure out what to write about.  The more time that went by after our meeting, I lost my confidence and worried that my debut would never happen.

And then I went to the Les Misérables press conference and a bell went off in my head.  I thought, “I have so much content here, I must find a publication to pitch my stories to.”  And it was sitting right under my nose. Women & Hollywood.

So, I published two Les Mis stories – you must check them out!  One on Anne Hathaway’s transformation and one on newcomer Samantha Barks. Then I sat down with cultural historian Lori Rotskoff and interviewed her on her new book, When We Were Free to Be.

It is so, so, so satisfying to see my byline on a site I so admire and respect.

Here’s to 2013 and challenging myself for more of the same.


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