Getting Back on the Make-Up Train with Benefit

Benefit Beauty Event

On Saturday my daughter and I headed into NYC for an event at the Benefit Boutique in Soho.  It was coined a “Bonding Over Beauty” event for mothers and daughters.  We hopped on the train with her girlfriend and sped into town, all eager for a day of pampering. Who doesn’t deserve that? Even my daughter, at age 9, knows that she deserves one every now and then.  She learned that from me.

Back in the day, pre-marriage, I actually wore make-up and guess what brand it was….Benefit!  I remember taking a trip to the brand’s flag ship store in San Francisco and picking up a bottle of Benetint, which would quickly whip my cheeks into a rosy state.

I’ve always been attracted to to Benefit’s fun packaging. It’s very trendy, retro and speaks to the inner child inside me. Their cosmetics stand out in in the marketplace and spoke to a non-make-up wearer like me.

Since then, and please don’t ask me how many years it has been, I have gone to a very cosmetic-less state, so I was anxious for this event and excited to spend some  girly time with my oldest child and her friend.

The folks at Benefit put on a wonderful event(so did the folks at MamaDrama, although I am biased).  We were greeted by flutes of champagne (which I had several of) and yummy cupcakes and then whisked into the shop for make-overs.  My daughter loved the first-rate treatment and was glowing before, during and after her make-over.  I’d forgotten how terrific the brand is was reminded during my session.  Benetint, boi-ing (concealer), The Pore-fessional (pro-balm to minimize the appearance of pores, lord knows I need that),  They’re Real Mascara were all hits at the party.

I love the service at the Soho boutique.  The women and men who work there really want you to feel good.  When one whisked me aside to tint my eyebrows, I had no idea what that meant and left feeling like a changed woman. All tinting services are performed with a specialty dye designed to be used on brows and around the eyes. and there was no waxing or plucking involved.  Love that. Several women made appointments to return and I can’t blame them.  Maybe I will, too.

Disclosure: I was invited by MamaDrama, which happens to be my own company, and am posting on their behalf.  I was compensated to run a short campaign for Benefit but all opinions are my own.  


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  1. I love Benefit. Love everything about them. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have survived my early postpartum months (x2 babes) without Boi-ing or Lemon-Aid or Dandelion powder. Just saying.

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