LTYM NYC 2012: All This and So Much More

LIsten to Your Mother

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It’s been two days since Listen to Your Mother hit the NYC stage.  After weeks and weeks of working on the show’s logistics, from finding a non-profit to support… to helping to cast the show to finding rehearsal space… to securing sponsorships… to scouting a location for the cast party, I put my heart and soul into bringing this show to life. I enjoyed every waking minute of it and nourished the experience.  Words can not even express how grateful I was to be a part of it.  I kept thinking that the chance of ever working on a NYC stage production again in my lifetime was slim, so I’d better make the most of it.  And I did.

When the big day arrived, I jumped out of bed and ran to the train, with a flower arrangement, bouquet of flowers and sponsorship materials in hand.  My train got indefinitely delayed well before our arrival in the city, and I called upon my husband to come sweep me up and drive me into the city, knowing very well that he’d have to turn right back around to get my mom and come back.  He didn’t put up a fight and I called him my hero all the way to the theater.  Nothing would prevent me from making my “stage debut”.

And it was glorious.  The cast shone like a star.  We had only rehearsed twice together as a group prior to that moment and had never rehearsed on that exact stage, but every cast member nailed it.  Each performance had an impact on everyone watching, just as we expected.  I stood on the sideline and watched the audience reactions – they laughed, they cried, they sat in awe of their loved ones and of ones they didn’t know.  It all just WORKED so magically and I beamed throughout, thinking about the power of storytelling.   This summer each woman’s story will all be broadcast on You Tube and they will be seen and heard by women around the world.

There are so many other reasons I’m proud of this show.  I’m proud of the money from ticket sales that we donated to Room to Grow, our chosen non-profit; I’m proud that we filled the house at the JCC (we actually sold out within weeks and had people emailing us until the day of the show for tickets); I am proud of the fearless emcee Rene Syler who was the perfect fit for our show and knew exactly what to say between each piece; I am proud of the difficult stories that many cast members told, particularly the brave Cynthia Bastidas and Kate Mayer, who brought audience members to tears; I am proud of the profound impact that Eve Lederman’s story is having on so many women with her follow-up features in the NYT Motherlode story and mention in a story on Jezebel;  I am of proud the cast for creating a room full of laughter and telling stories that we can all relate to; I am proud to have worked with Alysia Reiner, Abby Sher, Deborah Goldstein, Estelle Sobel Erasmus, Howard Margulies, Jonny Schremmer, Kathy Curto, Patty Chang Anker and Una La Marche – all skilled writers and amazing women who I shall follow for life; I am proud to have seen my good friend, Ilana Wiles, make her stage debut and do it so skillfully (and without peeing in her pants); I am proud to have been blessed with the friendship of Kirsten Piccini, who is as beautiful inside as she is out; I am proud to have worked along side three fantastic friends and mentors, Amy Wilson, Betsy Cadel and Varda Steinhardt. And I can’t thank Ann Imig and Deb Rox for showing me that anything is possible.

So, would I do it again?  If given the chance, yes.  But if that doesn’t happen, I have this.  All this.  And so much more.

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  1. You should be proud of YOU! You were the quiet rock star who took care of a million things and had a kind word for all of us. Well done and THANK YOU!!

  2. Whew! This time I remembered to check the box proving I’m a human. I am the pits at leaving comments. As I was saying … thank you for ALL that you did to give all of us such a special and unforgettable experience!!!! xoxo

  3. It was as wonderful as you say and more (for this mother of two, sitting in the audience and knowing no one up on the stage). Thank you for your part in bringing these wonderful, emotional stories from the heart to light. Yes, blogs on the internet are amazing, but to see and experience this show in real life was deeply moving.

  4. The mom of the show: behind the scenes, makes sure every last detail is met, keeping the performers calm, cool, collected and ready. Then stands on the sidelines cheering us on, and watching with pride in her eyes all that she accomplished. You did this Holly. You.

  5. Holly, even though were were blogworld friends before this show, I am thrilled that it gave us the opportunity to really get to know each other, to work together so intensely and truly bond. How am I going to get through my days now, without our many daily emails, tweets, texts and calls? Waaaaaaah!

  6. Thanks, Patty. This week I’m at a total loss of where to go from here. I’m giving myself time to pick myself back up. I’m sure we’re all a bit shell shocked, it came and went so quickly.

  7. You are like the Miracle-Gro of LTYM NYC, I am in awe of all you did for us. This will not end here! To great things ahead, my friend. xoP

  8. I’m the one who feels LUCKY and BLESSED to know you, honestly. I am so proud and thankful for you being in my life.

    You are AMAZING, Holly. AMAZING and Phenomenal.

  9. Still reeling from this BRILLIANT show and somewhat panicked about how we could possibly prepare to send our 10 yo to college, twins?!, me too, me too, me too! I want her hair, and her shoes, and her performance ability, so funny, how do they do that? What would my story be? He is obviously a pro; seriously, I should have tissues, I am so glad I’m here and not at Niketown (or anywhere else) I am so proud of my friend but not surprised. AT ALL. Amazing show. WOW.

  10. Your help was invaluable. Thank you for helping make this happen. We couldn’t have done it without you!!


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