Giveaway: 4 tickets to the American Museum of Natural History

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I recently wrote about my visit to the American Museum of Natural History and my glimpse into the Frogs: A Chorus of Colors Exhibit.  The museum is one of our favorite days out in the city.  We can spend hours there.

A pioneer in modern frog research, the American Museum of Natural History has one of the largest frog collections in the world. AMNH expeditions to remote mountaintops, as well as surveys of local wetlands, continue to uncover new populations and species—but also reveal environmental changes that threaten frogs’ existence. Many efforts are underway to reverse this downward trend globally and in our own backyards. As just one example, all of the live frogs displayed in this exhibition have been captive-bred, to protect their populations in the wild.

It’s an amazing exhibit and it runs until January 8th, 2012.

Today one of you will receive one family of FOUR tickets to the Frogs exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History! While you’re at the museum, you can check out the rest of the museum with your kids – The World’s Largest Dinosaurs, Tornado Alley, Highway of an Empire: The Great Inca Road and all the permanent exhibits that are there all year long.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment below.  Please be sure to leave an email address or Twitter handle IN YOUR RESPONSE below (this is important!)

Winners will be chosen on Friday, September 30th at noon.  The winner will have 24 hours to accept the prize or it will go to the runner-up.

Disclosure: Giveaway courtesy of  the American Museum of Natural History.

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  1. Would love to see the live frogs..

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  2. ribit ribit ribit


  3. My three kids and I would love this. They are frog crazy.

  4. We love this museum. Would love to take my kids here.

  5. We really want to see this. kkql at aol dot com

  6. Ellen Gervits says:

    My grandkids will be very happy to go.

  7. we love the museum of naturally history! looks like a fun exhibit!

  8. My little guy digs frogs … a day at the museum would do our family wonders!

  9. our little boy loves frogs and would be so excited to go to this, thanks.


  10. Mark Schwartz says:

    My kids love this museum and go crazy everytime we go.

    mdsgigi at aol.com

  11. My son’s absolute favorite place in the world! deonne70@msn.com

  12. my kid’s favorite museum. we spend a lot of time there.

  13. My 7 yr old daughter loves animals, especially reptiles and amphibians! This is an exhibit she would not want to miss!


  14. so here’s the interesting thing: I’ve always loved frogs. me name is Ran, a bit of digression to the flower ranunculus…which means little frog in some language.
    life plays out mysteriously. Thanks mom for giving me the name I have now.

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