The Daily Squiggle on Facebook

Experts agree that “imagination and reading comprehension skills go hand in hand.”  Check out this fun, FREE daily brain exercise regimen for families?

RandomLine just introduced The Daily Squiggle on Facebook.  Here’s how to participate:

1.    Log onto the Daily Squiggle on Facebook.
2.    Tell them what you see. (ie. “I see a mermaid’s body.”)
3.    “Suggest to Friends” or SHARE with friends to accumulate the most “Likes” on their comment.
4.    Gets the most “Likes” and watch your guess “come to life” in a drawing the following day.

Monday through Saturday is for fun, but every Sunday, FANS have a chance to win a $10 gift card at Barnes & Noble and a SQUIGGLE On-The-Go doodle pad.   Check it out on Facebook.

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  1. I love this! cool idea squiggle!

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