Mexico Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

We spent some time in Mexico a few years ago with the kids.  It was hands down one of the best summer vacations that we’ve had.  The weather was beautiful, the beaches were spectacular and we all had dozens of activities to choose from.  My daughter still talks about the visit and somehow manages to remember all the small details about kids club, the water slides in our hotel and all the great meals.  We went on to all-inclusive hotel and were very impressed with how well we were treated.
You might be wondering how safe Mexico is after the media frenzy last year questioning it’s viability as a travel destination.  Well, we have the scoop.
Q. Is it safe to drink the water in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas?

A. In Puerto Vallarta, you should be aware that incredible efforts have been made to provide safe water to residents and tourists. Over the last two decades, the Mexican government spent millions of dollars developing a safe water purification system in the area. As a result, this state of the art system has greatly reduced water-induced illnesses for travelers visiting Puerto Vallarta.
According to CaboExpo.com, for visitors to Cabo San Lucas, the resort location has never had the significant water quality problems that mainland Mexico as traditionally experienced:
“Sitting at the bottom of the Baja Peninsula, the fresh water in Los Cabos is some of the best in Baja. The local waters start thousands of feet above Los Cabos in the very tall mountains north of Cabo, drain down into local aquifers, and then are treated locally and then often treated again at the hotel or restaurant level. Tourism is just too important to let bad water become a factor.”
Q. Is it safe to travel to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta? Where are the dangerous parts of Mexico anyway?

A. According to AOL, which recently devoted extensive coverage to Mexico and issues relating to safety and even gives an overview of the places you should avoid, you’ll take comfort knowing that both Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas were ranked as being incredibly safe for travelers. As a precaution, always avoid streets that are not well lit (as you would in any country), but for the most part, your experience should be safe, relaxing and enjoyable!
Q. Are there any safety tips you can offer to a traveler who has never been to Mexico?

When you arrive at the airport, make sure you have made provisions for yourself and your traveling companions to take you to your accommodations. There will be many individuals offering you a ride or claiming to be your driver – while they are friendly and it is safe to ride with them, you will be better served if you book a car in advance.
If you decide to leave your resort and travel to a location in the evening, make sure when you are walking at night that you are aware of your surroundings and that you traverse well lit streets. Or, arrange for a car to pick you up after your evening is over. Better to have someone waiting for you to take you back to your hotel then go off exploring in the middle of the night.
Take precautions while swimming, snorkeling or surfing! The surf can be rough – especially in Cabo San Lucas and if you are not a strong swimmer, you may want to take precautions. Or, book an excursion that will take you on a guided water tour with experienced lifeguards on board.

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  2. My family used to visit Mexico 1-2x per year for a while. Some of my favorite family memories are from there. Plus I LOVED reading Richie Rich comics in Spanish by the pool while I drank from a coconut.

  3. Mexico was incredible experience, i agree. They have excellent service and hotels, greetings from Batumi sea hotels

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