Circus INcognitus at the New Victory Theater

Credit: Amanda Russell.

When it comes to thrilling audiences with circus stunts, pedigreed circus star, Jamie Adkins, doesn’t need anything high-tech or highfalutin to make jaws drop.  In fact, with his self-professed love of “simple circus”, Jamie needs only some slack wire, a couple tall ladders, and an old suit case filled with who knows what to create a demonstration of physical comedy.

In his latest production, Circus INcognitus, which will run at The New Victory Theater from February 11 through February 27, Jamie stars as a man with something to say, but he can’t quite find the words.   But by teetering on towering ladders, somersaulting on slack wire and timing perfect pratfalls, Jamie finds unusual and hilarious solutions to overcoming his fear of speaking in public.  To watch a clip from Circus INcognitus, click here.

Circus INcognitus stars and is directed by Jamie Adkins.  Costume design is by Katrin Leblond, lighting design is by Nicolas Descôteaux, music composition and arrangement is by Lucie Cauchon.

Ticket information

Theater-goers who buy tickets for three or more New Vic shows qualify for free Membership benefits, including a 35-percent savings. Tickets to Circus INcognitus cost $25 (orchestra and front mezzanine), $18 (mezzanine) and $9 (balcony) for Members, and $38 (orchestra and front mezzanine), $28 (rear mezzanine) and $14 (balcony) for Non-members.

Performance Schedule

Fri     Feb 11          7 pm

Sat     Feb 12          12 and 5 pm

Sun     Feb 13           12 and 5 pm

Fri     Feb 18          7 pm

Sat     Feb 19          12 and 5 pm

Sun     Feb 20          12 and 5 pm

Wed     Feb 23          2 pm

Thurs   Feb 24          7 pm

Fri     Feb 25          7 pm

Sat     Feb 26          12 and 5 pm

Sun     Feb 27          12 and 5 pm

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