A Celebration of Family & Community during BlogHer

I was lucky to attend some pretty special events at BlogHer last weekend. One of them was for Zarbee’s new all natural extra strength line of cough products for adults and children 12 and up on the rooftop at the The Kimberly Hotel (where we happily stayed almost exactly two years ago).  In addition to introducing the new products, the event was a celebration of  individuals that are an inspiration to their families and communities.  Zarbee’s is committed to keeping them healthy so they can continue to do amazing things.

It was an honor to be included in this group of amazing women. It was surreal to have been included in a room full of women who have made such an impact as as writers with huge voices, as entrepreneurs, as women, as moms.  Meeting Kristin Davis was icing on the cake, and now I really have to see her in Gore Vidal’s The Best Man on Broadway.  I asked her how the cast was feeling about Vidal’s death and even shared information about the two shows I’ve personally worked on myself this year.  She could not have been a more genuine person and expressed her own pleasure gained from being in the room with so many inspiring women. (and, yes, I did thank her for all those important years of bringing Sex and the City into my life, how could I not?)

Here are some photos from this first-class event:




Kristen Davis and our host, the fabulous Liz Gumbinner from Cool Mom Picks


Varda Steinhardt from Squashed Mom, Elissa Freeman, Kristen Davis and myself (left to right)

Kristin Davis’s shared her own healthy tips for new moms and I’ll vouch for each one of them:

·         Eat Right
Prepare healthy meals and snacks (like brown rice) when you have a few minutes so you can throw it in the refrigerator and have something healthy on hand when you get the chance to eat.

·         Go Natural
Rely on natural products you can trust, especially when you get sick.  You can’t be at your best when you feel terrible!  I love Zarbee’s because it’s an all natural product that helps with coughs and allergies without making me drowsy.

·         Make Time for Yourself

It is hectic being a mom so try to carve out some “me” time during the day – even just a minute to breathe and assess what you need so you can be at your best for your baby.

Zarbee’s Cough Syrup is all natural and gluten free, contains no drugs, alcohol and dyes, has no side effects and carries no risk of overdose.  Also, Zarbee’s has no Dextromethorphan (DM), the most common over-the-counter treatment for coughs, which is not supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Disclosure: I was invited as a guest to this luncheon, for which they provided the images viewed above.  It was an honor to be there and I’m excited to try out this product.

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  1. We’re SO glad you enjoyed yourself at the event. We just wanted to make sure you knew that Zarbee’s is approved for children 12 months and up – not just 12 and up. 😉 We have children and adult formulas so the whole family can benefit when cough/cold season comes to call. Let us know how your experience goes when you get a chance to use our product!

  2. Very cool! lucky you to be invited to private parties. It was nice to meet you the first day at Pathfinder and I look forward to following your posts!

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