Don’t Get Ripped Off When Traveling Abroad

We consider ourselves to be seasoned travelers.  We go abroad every year with the kids and have since they were newborns.  Yet on our last trip, we ran into several problematic incidents which I feel could have been avoided had we had foresight or consideration from the other side. As much as I enjoy traveling abroad and experiencing life in faraway lands, I have to admit that it is somewhat easier and less rigid in the United States.    Here are 10 money-saving strategies and things to be aware of before you go on your next international trip, Read More


Traveling Mom: Our recent visit to London

We recently spent some time in London.  While I did have Internet access in the room, I didn't have my laptop with me, and there was never enough time to blog.  It was difficult to not blog for several weeks while we were away. We go to the UK every year to visit family and friends.  We rarely ever have time to do anything touristy, and I have often longed to venture into the West End or Chelsea to do some sight-seeing.  This time, instead of running around between family and friends, I opted for a few real days out in the city.  I decided that I Read More


Traveling Mom: Family Friendly Manchester

We have been visiting Manchester, England on an annual basis since before we were married since it is my husband's hometown, and where much of his family still resides.   Manchester is a few hours from London, in the northern bit of the country. You might remember the song from the legendary film “Hair” about Manchester.  The character, Claude, is from “dirty, mucky, polluted Flushing” (Flushing is in Queens, in case you don't know) but wishes he was from Manchester, England and sings: Oh Manchester England, England…Across the Atlantic Read More


20 Tips for Traveling with Challenging Children

My five year-old son loves to travel.  He packs his bag a week before we are set for departure.  When we get to security at the airport, he takes off his shoes and sets his bags in the trays to go through.  He loves looking out the window on the plane.  He even loves the food they serve.  He has definitely become a seasoned traveler. But he likes routine.  He likes order.  He likes to know what he’s doing from one hour the next.  When taken out of his routine, he’s out of sync. On our recent trip abroad to England and Israel, we noticed Read More


Dealing with Volcanos & Travel Insurance

According to blogofasaneperson, the last time the volcano erupted in the 1800s, it was active for 14 months.  Today air travel could be disrupted for a lot longer, in which case we will all be left in limbo whenever we plan to go abroad.  We’ll all be wondering if everything will go according to plan.  And when you are traveling with kids, you have to plan, plan, plan. To read the entire post, please go here. Read More


Traveling Mom: Iceland – An Unexpected Family Destination Part II

I still can't get our trip to Iceland last summer out of my mind, especially in light of the daily headlines about the volcanic eruption.  It was truly one of the most exotic places I've yet to visit, and one of our most memorable trips.  Whether you're looking for an adventurous or cultural trip, Iceland has so much to offer.  Plus, it's safe, affordable and very diverse. We started our trip in Reykjavik.  It's a walking city, hence very stroller-friendly. The cabs are plentiful and reasonable, which was helpful when our kids refused to walk. There are Read More


Traveling Mom: Iceland – An Unexpected Family Destination

With the recent volcano eruption in Iceland, I haven’t been able to get the country out of my mind.  We were there last summer on a family vacation. It wasn’t the most obvious of places to visit on our annual summer holiday but somehow or other, I had a lot of friends and relatives visit in the last year who came back raving about the country’s beauty and ease of travel.  I was definitely curious and once we began to do our research, we decided it would be our summer holiday destination.  The kids didn’t know what to expect when they heard the word Read More


Traveling Mom: Getting the Kids Excited About Traveling

We are planning a trip to England and Israel next month.  We've been planning this trip for a long time.  My English husband will be doing some business in London, and we’ll be visiting family on our annual trip which will include Manchester, where he's from.However, my kids aren’t excited.  If it were up to them, they wouldn’t go anywhere.  They seem to have forgotten how much fun they have when we do go away.  They are more concerned about homework catch-up than going aboad.  So, how will I get them excited about our Read More