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Every week I try my best to write here on The Culture Mom as much as I can.  It depends what I have to talk about.  You’ve probably seen my content change recently.  I’ve been going a little bit more personal and I tend to only cover events, books, movies, plays that I see.  I rarely mention anything that I don’t have direct contact with.

But there’s also my free-lance writing.  I have deadlines every week, at least one or two.  I’m not sure if you know, I hope you do, that I do a lot of travel writing for several sites as a regular contributor and I also write about Social Media and Marketing from time to time for other sites.  Sometimes I’m even mentioned on other sites, always a treat.

I thought I’d mention some of my recent links outside this site.


Where I was mentioned:

Recaps and Reflections of Mom 2.0 

Meet Our Newest Blogger: Holly Rosen Fink 


Some of my recent articles include:

The Emergence of Social Media and Theater

Legos Come to Life at Bronx Zoo

London on a Budget During the Olympics

London with Kids During the Olympics

1000 Acres Stony Creek, New York 

All the World’s a Stage

NYC from A to Z

Hooray for Summer 10 Things to Do in NYC 

Let Freedom Ring Celebrating the Fourth in NYC

Best Spots for a Summer Picnic in NYC

New Yorker’s Weekend Getaway Guide: Lehigh Valley with Kids





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