Cool Rainbow Loom Tips

Cool Rainbow Loom Tips

I love the Rainbow Loom.  It’s artistic, creative, stimulating, thoughtful, time-consuming (in a good way), educational and, most of all, fun.  My kids can spend hours upon hours making different designs and they’re often at their most focused.  When they first got their kits, they read instructions and made simple pattens but over time they’ve started to watch instructional videos and are now coming up with the most amazing concoctions.  My husband and I proudly wear our bracelets to work everyday and we both get questioned constantly by our colleagues about their origins.  I often get asked about the Fishtail bracelet my daughter made using letter beads that says “MOM”.  It’s my good luck charm.

On our trip to Ireland this summer, we brought over a few Rainbow Loom kits for our friends’ children.  As a result, we had hours to ourselves (one word: GUINNESS) with our friends.  I’m not calling it a babysitter, but it sure is a good one if you want to get down to it.

The craze is so avid among their friends that my daughter has even been to a Rainbow Loom birthday party. Apparently, the leader was a former CNN correspondent turned Rainbow Loom Lady. That I’m not sure I understand, but I do know that she latched onto a hot trend.

So, in light of the Rainbow Loom frenzy that entered my house about six months ago and seeing that the trend hasn’t ended, both my kids are both now Rainbow pros. I’ve asked them for their top ten tips on making the perfect Rainbow Loom bracelets. And yes, they will be making You Tube instructional videos next, although I’m pretty sure a lot of other kids beat us to it!

Here you go – the Culture Mom kid’s top ten Rainbow Loom tips (pretty much in their own words):

1. The kit comes with 600 rubber bands, c-clips, a loom and a hook. When you get it, the first bracelet you should make is called the Single, and then the Fishtail. There are basic directions included inside the box.

2. Find a comfortable space in the house to work at.  “I like to work at my desk,” says my daughter.

3. Buy a box or organizer to keep everything in. My daughter likes to carry her kit to her friend’s homes (it’s actually the only thing in her room that’s organized).

4. Plan to spend a few hours or an afternoon to spend on a design, but it’s okay if you don’t get it all done in one day.

5. Making Rainbow Loom bracelets requires full concentration…but you can play music while you make them (like One Direction, apparently).

6. If you don’t have a Rainbow Loom, you can make bracelets on your fingers.  You just need the bands and c-clips. I’ve yet to see my kids do this, so my daughter just now demonstrated it and it’s actually very simple to do.)

7. YouTube videos come in handy making Single, Triple Single, Raindrop, Sweetheart, Liberty Twist, StarBurst, Minion, Fishtail, Caterpillar, Honey Comb, Hexafish, Sailors Pinstripe and more.

8. Choose your favorite colors but be daring with your choices.  Try new combinations.

9. Rainbow Loom is not just for girls!  My 9 YO son loves it – not quit as much as my daughter but it does keep him occupied for long stretches, particularly when other kids are involved. It’s really good for his short attention span.

10. Buy charms to decorate your bracelet, like the one pictured above.

Disclosure: I was not asked to write this post nor was I compensated.

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