Broadway Train Your Star

Broadway Edge

A few weeks ago I wrote about a workshop my daughter attended to learn the art of auditioning for a Broadway show.  My very shy daughter was transported into another world of music and dance for two hours.  It was the real mccoy.  Broadway Edge is more than just about auditioning - it's all about building confidence and allowing each child to spontaneously access their powerful instincts. As a result, they become unstoppable as their belief rises to new levels. That's why I'm bringing this information again to you now - to give you the chance to sign up Read More


How My Tween Found Her Inner Strength at Broadway Edge

Last week my daughter and I headed into the city for a very special afternoon at Broadway Edge, a studio where children are trained to learn to master the art of auditioning. Led by two industry professionals, they chose Annie on Broadway as their chosen musical to teach about 15 kids how to master a real Broadway audition. I wasn't sure what to expect, mainly because my daughter is very shy.  I don't mean very shy, I mean VERY shy.  Just this past week, I gently pushed the idea of her auditioning for the school musical and she refused. Imagine her in Read More