Announcing Finding Neverland and a Giveaway

If you’re a Peter Pan, Glee and Frasier fan like me, you’re surely excited about the upcoming FINDING NEVERLAND on Broadway. Starring Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammer, FINDING NEVERLAND (produced by the folks at the Weinstein Company) follows the story of author J.M. Barrie and his relationship with the family of widow Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, who eventually became Barrie’s inspiration to write Peter Pan. The musical explores the power of imagination to open up new worlds, and the pressures put upon those worlds by the inevitability of growing up. Playing at the Lunt-Fontaine Theater, the show is in previews and opens on April 15th. 

Speaking of the Weinstein Company, there was an article about Harvey Weinstein and his devotion to this show in Sunday’s NYT. As someone who has produced plays, too, I completely related to his perseverance in light of the many challenges he has faced producing this show. I plan on taking my tween daughter in a few weeks to see what he and Director Diane Paulus drummed up and can’t wait.


I’m giving away a pair or tickets to FINDING NEVERLAND!  They’re valid for a performance in May! Blackout dates may apply.

To win, just comment below and tell me the one actor who has played Peter Pan whose performance stands out in your memory.

For an additional entry, tweet this:

I entered to win a pair of tickets to see @NeverlandBway via @hollychronicles! http://bit.ly/1y5Gczw  #Broadway #NYC #FindingNeverland

Winner will be selected randomly. The winner will receive two tickets, which will be held at the box office day of show in your name. This giveaway will end on Wednesday, April 15th at 9am EST. Winner will be posted here, on the Culture Mom Facebook page and via email and will have 24 hours to accept their prize.

Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post.  Giveaway is courtesy of The Weinstein Company.


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  1. April Swain says

    Have to agree Robin Williams, and the Disney Peter Pan. Love the music written by Gary Barlow, huge fan of his also.

  2. The winner is Andrew Variell! Thanks to all for entering.

  3. Erin Cady says

    Robin Williams is my favorite Peter. His performance in Hook will be one that stays with me forever.

  4. I think Robin Williams is the best performance I have in memory to remind me this story’s real spirit. Can’t wait to see this musical!

  5. I think Robin Williams is the worst performance I have in memory to remind this story’s spirit. Can’t wait to see this musical!

  6. Jeremy Sumpter is the best Pan in my mind

  7. The best Pan is Robin Williams…he will forever be a great Peter

  8. My favorite Peter Pan was Jeremy Sumpter- he will forever be the best to me

  9. I’m going to agree with popular opinion and say Robin Williams. Hook is the best!

  10. I tweeted about this.

  11. Robin Williams was my favorite

  12. Amanda Cadena says

    Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan, but Johnny Depp as Mr Barrie was classic!

  13. Erica Rossetti says

    I have to say that Mary Martin is my favorite, just because she was the first Peter Pan I ever saw as a kid! I used to sit on my bed and make shadow animals with my hands like she did haha! I also have to say that I love Robbie Kay’s portrayal of Pan on ABC’s show Once Upon a Time, he brings a nice evil, feisty twist to the character. I love Peter Pan and I love Finding Neverland just as much, if not more!

  14. Devan French says

    Matthew Morrison that is going to be my one and only Peter Pan

  15. I have only seen the NBC TV version, and I think ALLISON WILLIAMS did a good job.

  16. Mary Ann C says
  17. Robin Williams was my favorite.

  18. The Peter that sticks out to me is Jeremy Sumpter! He’s perfect for the character!

  19. Jeremy Sumpter was my favorite Peter Pan

  20. Angela Alpaugh says

    I was fortunate to get to see the one who stands out in my memory as playing this role, Cathy Rigby play Peter Pan at The Muny in St. Louis in the 1990s, She is my favorite.

  21. sandy Duncan ! I would watch it with my Grandparents and would love to bring my Grandmother to see it !

  22. My favorite Pen Pan was played by Cathy Rigby

  23. My favorite Peter Pan was played by Cathy Rigby

  24. Madison McAllister says

    Jeremy Sumpter was always my favorite Pan <3

  25. The best Pan was Robin Williams

  26. My favorite Pan was Robin Williams, he will always be the best pan

  27. My favorite Peter was Jeremy Sumpter- he really captured the essence of the character

  28. My favorite actor would be Robin Williams! He will always be a great Peter Pan in my mind

  29. I would have to say Robin Williams stands out in my mind. The emotion and childlike mannerisms of this man truly depicted the fact about never growing up. I find irony that Robin Williams recent passing confirms he was a lot like Peter and never truly became an adult able to accept growing old, day to day issues, his past or life in general. Thank you for providing the opportunity to recurve tickets to this anticipated awesome Broadway production

  30. I grew up watching Mary Martin’s Peter Pan. She was amazing!

  31. Cathy Rigby forever <3

  32. Michelle Rosenfeld says

    Allison Williams! Peter Pan Live. I was able to really see this movie through adult eyes. I would love to see how Peter became to be. Peter Pan in fact is made for adults and children. The author manages to bring out the child in us! I would love to go to theater and be transported back to childhood again!

    • Cathy Rigby! Saw her as Peter in my first professional theater experience and was blown away. Now countless shows later I can thank Peter Pan!

  33. I loved seeing Robin Williams in Hook and would love to see Matthew Morrison in this production. This would be the best Birthday present ever. Thank you for the great giveaway Holly!

  34. Bobby Driscoll was my favorite Peter Pan. And heres why. 3 years ago I lost my brother Riley in a tragic accident, and on the 1st year anniversary people raised money for my family and I to go to Disney World for the first time ever. And one day, when we stayed in I watched Pater Pan(Disney) with my sister for the First time, and she wanted to know what neverland was. And I said: “It’s a place where people go to never grow up.” And she said “Oh so Rileys there right?” And I smiled and said:”Yes he is.” I love peter pan, and Im always conforted when I think of Neverland now, that Riley is having an amazing time, and will always be on adventures. And there is this one quoute that always makes me happy: “Do not say goodbye. Because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” -Peter Pan JM Berry. I will never truly say goodbye to Riley and I will see him again in neverland :).

  35. Robin Williams has always been my favorite Peter Pan, it showed me that even as an Adult you can still believe in magic and be childish.

  36. Peter Pan and anything g related to it have always been my favorite things ever since I was little. I loved the Classic Disney cartoon and of course had a crush on Jeremy Sumpter when the live-action version came out. I fell in love with Finding Neverland. Any of those Peters are my favorites, they all bring something different. I also loved Cathy Rigby and Adam Chanler-Berat in Peter and the Starcatcher. I’m dying to go see Finding Neverland because I’ve heard Matt Morrison is amazing, and I’m very connected with that story. We’ve had some tough times with my mom being sick, so I’m hoping I can take her to see it! (:
    Lexi Vasaturo

  37. Peter Royston says

    Mary Martin was my original Pan obsession. The performance by Robin Williams grabbed my heart and still moves me.

  38. Tiffani Murphy says

    One of my favorite Peter Pans was Robin Williams in Hook. Robin Williams brought so much light, character and enthusiasm to all his movies. He truly knew how to entertain audiences and loved to make people laugh which made all his performances even more enjoyable. I would LOVE the chance to learn how the inspiration of Peter Pam came about. To Matthew Morrison in Finding Neverland would be a dream come true. I admire him as an actor/performer.

  39. Sandy Duncan, went to the show as a child and loved it!

  40. Mary Martin is my favorite Pan! With Robin Williams as a super close second!!!!

  41. Robin William as Peter Pan in Hook has always stood out in my memory. Williams embodies all of the playfulness and unpredictability of Peter Pan. On an even more praise worthy note, he convinced the world that he still had the spirit of a boy who would never grow up in a grown man body. Robin Williams will forever be Peter Pan to me. In many ways he was the man who would never grow up and the world saw that in every shamelessy hilarious performance. R.I.P Robin Williams, you were one of the good ones.

  42. Amanda meyer says

    Robbie Kay as Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time. (Chris Colfer’s character Kurt was Peter Pan in the Glee episode, “Old Dogs, New Tricks” if that counts) and Bobby Driscoll the Disney animated version.

  43. Jeremy Sumpter !!

  44. Robin Williams! He was incredible in Hook and I always enjoy rewatching his performance as Peter Pan.

  45. Robin Williams in hook was a fantastic portrayal of Peter Pan and life after never land!!! Love that movie and his outstanding performance.

  46. The best grown-up kid there ever was: Robin Williams. The face he made when he had his chin resting on a table or shelf, and he’s smiling at Tinker Bell … it used to make me smile too. But now that he’s gone, it’s a mixture of happiness and tears. I don’t know that there will ever be another “big kid” who could pull off playing Peter like he did.

  47. Ascenza Montalbano says

    Robin Williams will always be my favorite portrayal of Peter Pan. He embodies the imaginative spirit that makes everyone love the character and story so much. He also brought depth and maturity to a story that has so many levels and complexities it is impossible to understand it all in one viewing. I can watch that movie over and over and learn something new everytime.

  48. Christina Thompson says

    My favorite was Robin Williams because he makes me love Peter Pan even more. he really captures the idea that we never really grow up! Peter Pan is still one of my movies and Robin Williams made this possible.

  49. Janine Coyle says

    Robin Williams! Amazing actor!

  50. Robbin Williams will forever and always be my Peter. He took on every role with such grace and eloquence, but that is one potrayal that I will never in my life forget. Everytime I watch him as Peter, it makes a small part of me, and I’m sure everyone who watches, feel as though we “never grew up”— a feeling I’m very sure Finding Neverland has conveyed majestically to its audiences night after night. It looks to be such a magical, beautiful show. It just makes me smile to know that the Peter Pan magic we all know and love has been brought to fruition on stage in such a new and interesting light for all to see. Cheers to Finding Neverland!

    • Robin Williams will forever and always be my Peter. He took on every role with such grace and eloquence, but that is one potrayal that I will never in my life forget. Everytime I watch him as Peter, it makes a small part of me, and I’m sure everyone who watches, feel as though we “never grew up”— a feeling I’m very sure Finding Neverland has conveyed majestically to its audiences night after night. It looks to be such a magical, beautiful show. It just makes me smile to know that the Peter Pan magic we all know and love has been brought to fruition on stage in such a new and interesting light for all to see. Cheers to Finding Neverland!

  51. What a wonderful opportunity you’ve given your readers. Thank you! In 1980, I was 8 years old and went with my Brownies troop to see SANDY DUNCAN in Peter Pan. It was my very first Broadway show and I was hooked (no pun intended!) I would LOVE to introduce the theater to my daughter by bringing her to Finding Neverland! Thanks again!

    Angela O’Hoppe

  52. Freddie Highmore was a touching Peter in the original film “Finding Neverland”. What true emotion from a true child’s mind.

  53. Robin Williams in Hook was my favorite Peter Pan.

  54. My favorite is still Mary Martin 🙂

  55. I like Robbie Kay,he played Peter Pan in Once upon a time,he did such a great job,his costume was perfect and he is what I always imagine Peter Pan will look like.

  56. I love Robin Williams, a wonderful guy with great spirit!

  57. Robbie Kay was a decent Peter Pan in the ABC TV show Once Upon a Time as he was written/directed to play the role as a “villain.” However, you can never go wrong with the original Broadway classic, Mary Martin. Although on Broadway the role is often female, she is the first one that made me want to grow up and play Peter Pan myself!!! ::insert rooster crow here::

  58. Nikki Pack says

    It’s a tie between Chris Colfer (if he can count during Old Dogs New Tricks on Glee) and Jeremy Sumpter!

  59. Amanda Baker says

    Ann Margaret. I adored that one since I was a child.

  60. Definitely Robbie Kay as Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time. (Also Chris Colfer’s character Kurt was Peter Pan in the Glee episode, “Old Dogs, New Tricks” if that counts).

  61. Brenda Alvarez says

    Bobby Driscoll from Disney’s animated Peter Pan. I grew up with that movie.

  62. MARY MARTIN will always be my favorite. I loved Robin but Mary holds a special place in my heart.

  63. Patricia Bifulco says

    I love Robin Williams but Mary Martin was my first introduction to Peter Pan. It was a magical experience.

  64. Robin Williams is by far my fav!!

  65. Seth Owens says

    The Peter pan or pans I should say that I remember are the Robin Williams from Hook, the Disney Peter pan and the one from the show Once Upon a time.

  66. Heather Brown says

    It’s a tie for me between Robin Williams and Mary Martin. Movie-wise, Robin is tops because to me he IS the boy who never grew up.. For the musical version, there is no one more magical than Mary Martin.

  67. We saw Cathy Rigby at Wolf Trap several years ago, and we thoroughly enjoyed her performance. We would love to see Finding Neverland and have a new magical experience on Broadway.

  68. Samantha Bonin says

    Im going to have to go with Robin Williams in Hook!! As for JM Barrie, Mr Johnny Depp was absolutely wonderful in the movie version of Finding Neverland (Kate Winslet too =])!

  69. I was always torn between Mary Martin and Sandy Duncan in the Faerie Tale Theatre version.

  70. This show will be amazing and I would really like to bring my daughter to see it! The one Peter Pan that stands out in my mind is the incredible Robin Williams! Always in my heart!

  71. Ryan Jones says

    Cathy Rigby is by far my favorite peter

  72. Jeremy Sumpter! I use to watch the 2003 film version of Peter Pan all the time and had the biggest crush on him!

    I’ll never grow up because I still watch it and still have a crush on him.

  73. Bonnie Brewer says

    Robin Williams always.

  74. Mary Martin! By far my favorite musical!

  75. Hoping to win tix to see Finding Neverland in May. The one actor who has played Peter Pan whose performance stands out in my memory is Robin Williams in Hook (1991).

  76. Elisa Rispoli says

    Robin Williams in Hook!

  77. Elizabeth Attardi says

    I remember the 1st time I saw Peter Pan was with Mary Martin so I’m going to have to go with her!

  78. My favorite Peter Pan is Mary Martin

  79. Bobbi Smith says

    Although Mary Martin was my favorite growing up, I will say Sandy Duncan since she was the one playing it when I took my young daughter to see it. Watching it through her eyes was a thrill to me.

  80. Stephanie says

    Mary Martin…no doubt

  81. Mary Martin of course!

  82. Helene Weinberger says

    Cathy Rigby was my favorite.

  83. Valentina says

    Mary Martin! Best one!!

  84. Jeremy Sumpter was not only visually the perfect Peter Pan, but in his acting he was the best. At 14, he was able to capture many of Peter’s more serious emotions in great ways which was very impressive. It’s still my favorite version!

  85. Dino Cesarini says

    Robin Williams is our favorite Pan

  86. Melissa Hoogenraad says

    The person who played Peter Pan that is my all time favorite and memorable would have to be my AHHHmazing daughter Miss Sarah Hoogenraad 💚

  87. Carolina says

    I remember having a huge crush on Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan when that movie came out, but I also have a soft spot in my heart for Adam Chanler-Berat in Peter and the Starcatcher. He was so great.

  88. Allison Williams Not ; for me, it’s Mary Martin

  89. Amy Mandel says

    My favorite Peter Pan is Mary Martin

  90. Wendy Wallach says
  91. Wendy Wallach says

    I would have to day Mary Martin,

  92. Alyssa Mandel says
  93. Alyssa Mandel says

    Cathy rigby, is my favorite Peter pan

  94. I have to cheat a little bit and go with two actors, or should I say one actress and one actor.

    Cathy Rigby – I saw her in the title role as my first Broadway musical. It sparked the magic of the theatre with me, because now I continue to support the theatrical art form.

    Adam Chanler-Berat (Peter and the Starcatcher) – After watching him perform in Next to Normal, it was great to see him come first circle with something Peter Pan-related, combining my favorite Broadway musical and my first one.

  95. Jeremy Sumpter as Peter pan in Peter Pan 2003 movie somehow match perfectly with my imagination of pater pan.

  96. I tweeted @suburbanwifedp

  97. Mary Martin is my favorite Peter!

  98. I really enjoyed Jeremy Sumpter’s portrayal of Peter Pan!

  99. Mary Ann C says

    Mary Martin = Peter Pan LOL

  100. Robin Williams (R.I.P.) in Hook. He played an older version of Peter Pan, of course, but he captured the spirit of the character. An unforgettable performance.

  101. Sarah Packard says

    I really liked the kid who played it in the 2003 live action film, Jeremy Sumpter! He was just the right blend of scrappy and cute. (Although Jason Isaacs was even better as Hook. 🙂 )

  102. Robin Williams. My favorite Pan.

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