Week 5: Middle-Aged Personal Training at Encore Fitness

Last time I wrote I was disappointed in my progress with my work-outs, as I gained a bit of weight (not the direction I was looking for) but I knew my lack of moving upward was my own fault. I had a million excuses in that post – lack of time, excessive matzo eating (for real!), falling off my routine. My trainer gave me simple tips, all of which I outlined in my post. I was determined to take the plunge and follow his commands tracking my food, doing more cardio, trying different forms of exercise and more. You can read my laundry list here.

And then….I went to Hawaii. Yes, I was off the mainland last week in paradise, on a press trip, where I was served calorious meals and given small amounts of time to do my own thing. Throw jetlag in and you have a distorted, unrealistic schedule.

But whenever I could, I exercised. I drank water. I tried to limit my food intake. I thought more about exercising and health than I have in a very long time.

But I wasn’t perfect. It was hard to keep up my routine in Hawaii. Activities were planned, menus prepared by exquisite chefs were prepared in advance. Though it was billed as a “wellness trip”, meals were often big and hard to resist.

Yet my mental state changed. I had exercise on my mind. I had tracking calories on my mind. I went for a run when I could, jumped in the pool, stayed active.

But I can do better.

Encore Fitness NYThis week in my session with Robert at Encore Fitness NY, he busted my ass. I mean BUSTED MY ASS. I had missed a week while I was away and we needed to make up for lost time. He focused on my stability and areas of strength and core that require improvement.

The truth is that while it may be hard for others to see the changes that have occurred the last few weeks, it is clear as day to me, particularly during my session.

I felt stronger. I felt sturdier. I felt like I’m making progress.

It may be slow but it’s real. My body is changing.

I’m not in a rush. I nearly died last year, I understand the value and meaning of time, but I also believe in savoring the moment and taking it all in. I’ve never been a fitness nut, and I can’t turn into one overnight, as much as I’d like to.

I’m proud of my progress and I look forward to the week ahead, where I hope to resist further temptations and listen to the needs of my body (and hear Robert’s voice in the background guiding me through daily routines). The one thing to remember: No excuses.


If you haven’t heard me say this, Encore Fitness is a private personalized training studio located in New York City. The owners’ goal is to create an individualized program to challenge their clients so they can achieve a higher level of fitness. They’re located in Union Square and the two owners, my trainer, Robert, and his partner, Damien, are passionate about helping people get in better shape and living healthier lifestyles.

Robert has given me a lot of tips, but he has never, ever asked me to give up coffee! For that, I am grateful.

Contact them today, visit their website, and get a move on!

Disclosure: I am receiving complimentary services from Robert at Encore Fitness NY to facilitate these posts but my heart and soul are in everything I’m writing about it and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Heidi Bee says:

    Good for you! this is a tough thing to do, I know for sure!!

  2. Looks like a great program!! …and the part about Hawaii sounds like so much fun!!!

  3. You can do this!!! I started exercising regularly for the first time in my life last year and it took A YEAR before I truly felt different – but I do now! I’m much lighter and stronger physically and mentally, and now it’s easier to maintain because my body feels better doing it. It’s worth all the work – just believe in yourself – you’re worth all the effort. Great job!

  4. Good for you, Holly!
    I could so use someone to kick my butt info exercising…

  5. I’m enjoying your posts. Exercise, exercise, exercise, it’s so very important. How can a girl, who’s going to become a woman, feel strong and competent if she isn’t strong and healthy? I wish we would step it up in this country. But I do see some things changing with younger people. Thanks


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