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I just posted my first official post on a site called KidzVuz.  If you don’t know about it yet, you should.  It’s a completely safe, carefully monitored online destination for tweens to have their say and share their views.  Tweens leave, watch, and comment on video reviews of the books, tech, movies, toys, celebs and tv shows they love.  It’s a place for tweens to have their say  (including my son, Max, who will debut on the site this Sunday when he reviews a fabulous new book he’s reading) and a place I want my kids to spend time at.

Anyway, I rarely discuss my kids on the blog you’re reading, although it does happen, so when the site’s founders contacted me to become a regular contributor to their new parenting blog, I didn’t hesitate for a moment.  I’m slowly navigating the waters of having a tween and it’s cathartic to blog about it. For my first post, I wrote about “How Selena Gomez Revived My Daughter’s Wanderlust“.  It’s the true story of the golden halo effect the famous singer had on my daughter after meeting her in person last year and how she transformed my daughter’s interest in our upcoming trip to Paris.  Here’s a snippet:

So, last summer, we were planning a trip to France to visit friends in Avignon and spend a few days in Paris. My daughter didn’t want to go, she had no interest. The trip was to take place before our nephew’s Bar Mitzvah in England and we were catching a speed train from Paris to London. We were going to visit her friend from home who had moved back to France. Still, she did not want to go and her moans about being forced to leave home echoed in my heart.  But along came Selena Gomez and changed everything. 

Please check it out, comment and stay tuned for more tween talk over on KidzVuz.


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